[Elsnet-list] NASSLLI04: Call for Participation

Marcus Kracht kracht at humnet.ucla.edu
Sat Apr 10 00:58:06 CEST 2004

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 (North American Summer School of Logic, Lanugage and Information)

        	UCLA, Los Angeles, June 21-25, 2004

	            Call for Participation

The mission of the summer school is to foster exchange of 
ideas across disciplines in the areas of logic, language, 
and information. This year the following courses are offered:


Matthias Baaz (Technical University of Vienna): 
	"The Generalization of Proofs and Calculations"

Roberto Di Cosmo and Delia Kesner (University of Paris 7):
	"Introduction to Linear Logic and Sequent Calculus"
	(to be confirmed)

Tim Fernando (Trinity College, Dublin):
	"Natural Language Semantic Representations as Types"

Hans-Martin Gaertner (ZAS, Berlin):
	"Embedded Root Phenomena: Linguistic, Formal and 
	Philosophical Aspects"

Valentin Goranko (Rand Afrikaans University, Johannesburg): 
	"Temporal Logics of Computations"

Jason Hickey and Aleksey Nogin (California Institute of 
	Technology, Pasadena): 
	"Introduction into Formal Computer-Aided Reasoning 
	and the MetaPRL Theorem Prover"

James Higginbotham (University of Southern California, Los Angeles):
	"Speaking of Events"

Gerhard Jaeger (Stanford University and University of Potsdam) and 
	Rob van Rooy (University of Amsterdam): 
	"Language Games and Evolution"

Larry Moss (Indiana University, Bloomington): 
	"Logic, Language and Information"

Carl Pollard (The Ohio State University, Columbus): 
	"Higher Order Grammar"

James Rogers (Earlham College, Richmond): 
	"Formal Foundations of Model-Theoretic Syntax"

Thomas Ede Zimmermann (University of Frankfurt): 
	"Classical Montague Grammar"


Visit http://www.linguistics.ucla.edu/nasslli04/index.html
for all details. Basically, all participants need to make 
their own hotel reservations. The web site gives you a list 
of hotels. You may try to email them, but some only book 
rooms if you call them. 


The web site also contains information on how to reach UCLA. 
The conference office will be in the linguistics department, 
the location of the lecture halls in philosophy (5mins walk). 

For further information feel free to contact us at

Marcus Kracht <kracht at humnet.ucla.edu>. 

Marcus Kracht
Department of Linguistics, UCLA
3125 Campbell Hall
PO Box 951543
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1543
kracht at humnet.ucla.edu 

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