[Elsnet-list] Graduate Positions in Analogical Reasoning and Generation at University College Dublin, Ireland

Tony Veale tony.veale at ucd.ie
Thu Aug 5 15:54:36 CEST 2004


I would be most grateful if you would include the following recruitment
advertisement for graduate positions on your Job list:


Several Graduate Positions Available in Analogical Reasoning and Generation
at University College Dublin, Ireland

The Computer Science Department in the University College Dublin, Ireland
(UCD) is seeking a number of qualified candidates to work on a newly funded
research project on the area of Artificial Intelligence, Linguistics and
Educational Software.

Work on this project will primarily focus on the use of analogical reasoning
in educational software, involving both comprehension and generation of
analogies and other puzzle-like materials. The role of these processes and
materials in computer games will also be considered, though note that this
is not principally a games-related project.  Researchers will exploit
existing lexical resources like WordNet and techniques from the field of
text processing and information-extraction to provide the knowledge-bases
that will underpin the analogical reasoning and generation mechanisms.

The candidates will have a good primary degree in Computer Science or a
related discipline, and will possess a confidence in programming and
development methods (fluency in Java is a bonus). Candidates will also
demonstrate a prior interest in Artificial Intelligence or Computational
Linguistics. Prior experience with WordNet or similar resources will also be
considered a definite plus. Likewise, any experience in the games industry
on AI-related topics will be favourably considered. In short, we are seeking
hard-working people with imagination and computational proficiency.

Graduates will enter the project to initially pursue a Masters by research
in Computer Science (Msc). Excellent candidates who prove their worth to the
project may later progress to the PhD programme.

Generous studentships will be provided to the chosen candidates (full fees
will be provided, as well as a yearly stipend sufficient for Dublin living

CVs should describe any relevant experience and interests.

Please send your CVs to:

Tony Veale,
Dept. of Computer Science,
University College Dublin,
Dublin 4,

or by email to:

Tony.Veale at UCD.ie

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