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                    Sixth International Workshop on

                        COMPUTATIONAL SEMANTICS


             January 12-14, 2005, Tilburg, The Netherlands

                    Preceded by a joint 2-day meeting of 
              SIGSEM Working Group on the Representation of 
                    Multimodal Semantic Information 
        ISO TC37/SC4 Thematic Domain Group of Multimodal Content


                          Endorsed by SIGSEM,
        the ACL Special Interest Group in Computational Semantics


                        CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

Tilburg University will host the Sixth International Workshop on
Computational Semantics (IWCS-6), which will take place on 12-14
January 2005. The aim of the workshop is to bring together
researchers interested in any aspects of the computation of
meaning in natural language, in multimedia objects, and in
multimodal messages.

                       JOINT SIGSEM/ISO MEETING:
            4th Workshop on Multimodal Semantic Representation 

Immediately preceding IWCS-6, on 10-11 January 2005, the ACL SIGSEM
Working Group on the Representation of Multimodal Semantic Information
will have its fourth meeting at Tilburg University. This is a joint 
meeting with the newly formed Thematic Domain Group on Multimodal Content 
of the International Standards Organisation (ISO Technical Committee 37, 
Subcommittee 4 on standardisation in language resources). This meeting, 
the "4th Workshop on Multimodal Semantic Representation", will be 
centered around the discussion of issues in the design of repositories 
of members of the interoperable concepts for the analysis and annotation 
of multimodal semantic content. Members of the ISO will present initial
efforts in 6 subdomains: 

- discourse relations;
- dialogue acts and communicative functions;
- semantic roles and argument structures;
- basic semantic relations;
- temporal objects and relations;
- referential entities and links.

Invited commentators will react to these initial efforts, and there will 
be ample time for discussion. This meeting will be open to a limited 
number of IWCS-6 participants. For more information see the SIGSEM 
Working Group website at http://let.uvt.nl/research/TI/sigsem/wg
and the relevant ISO website: http://www.tc37/sc4.org

                        IWCS-6 PROGRAMME 

                        INVITED SPEAKERS

                   Dafydd Gibbon (U. Bielefeld)
                   Alexander Koller (U. Saarbruecken)
                   Daniel Marcu (ISI, Marina del Rey)
                   Maarten de Rijke (Amsterdam)

                        SUBMITTED PAPERS

The IWCS-6 programme consists of talks by the invited speakers plus 
presentations of the accepted full papers and short papers, project 
abstracts and posters. For the complete list of accepted submissions 
please consult the IWCS-6 website.

The papers presented at IWCS-6 deal with computational
aspects of semantic theories; with theoretical aspects of the design 
of language understanding systems and systems for multimodal
communication; and with semantic annotation of natural language and
multimodal utterances. Specific topics are:

  * construction of representations of meaning in natural language
  * modelling and using context for semantic interpretation
  * learning lexical semantics from corpora
  * methodologies and tools for semantic annotation
  * information sources and their use in meaning computation
  * construction and use of underspecified representations of meaning
  * the semantic web and natural language semantics
  * referential relations to concepts in ontologies and repositories
  * machine learning of semantic structures
  * computational semantics of speech acts and dialogue acts
  * the computational semantics-pragmatics interface
  * dynamic interpretation in text, speech and dialogue
  * meaning representation in multimodal interaction
  * referential links within and across multiple modalities
  * gestural morphosyntax and its semantic interpretation
  * structural semantic relations in discourse and dialogue
  * semantic aspects of language generation
  * shallow processing and formal semantics
  * monotonicity and shallow reasoning in interpretation

The IWCS-6 proceedings, containing the accepted full papers, short papers
and project abstracts will be available at the workshop.

                       PROGRAMME COMMITTEE

              James Allen            Alex Lascarides
              Patrick Blackburn      Reinhard Muskens
              Johan Bos              Martha Palmer
              Harry Bunt (chair)     Manfred Pinkal
              Nicoletta Calzolari    Massimo Poesio
              Robin Cooper           Steve Pulman
              Kees van Deemter       Alan Ramsay
              Jan van Eijck          Maarten de Rijke
              Dafydd Gibbon          Laurent Romary
              Jerry Hobbs            Patrick Saint Dizier
              Daniel Kayser          Mark Steedman
              Paul Mc Kevitt         Matthew Stone
              Adam Kilgarriff        Carl Vogel
              Emiel Krahmer          Bonnie Webber

                         ORGANISING COMMITTEE

              Harry Bunt             Reinhard Muskens
              Jeroen Geertzen        Ielka van der Sluis
              Yann Girard            Elias Thijsse
              Roser Morante          Anne Adriaensen(secretary)


Registration for IWCS-6 as well as for the ISO-SIGSEM meeting is open now 
through the IWCS-6 website: http://let.uvt.nl/research/ti/sigsem/iwcs/iwcs6

                           IMPORTANT DATES

  17 December   2004 Deadline for early registration
  10-11 January 2005 Joint Meeting of SIGSEM Working Group on the
                     Representation of Multimodal Semantic Information
                     and the ISO Thematic Domain Group on 
                     Multimodal Content
  12-14 January 2005 IWCS-6

                         FURTHER INFORMATION

Secretariat: Ms Anne Adriaensen
             Computational Linguistics and AI
             Tilburg University
             PO Box 90153
             5000 LE Tilburg
             The Netherlands
             Fax:   +31-13 466 31 10
             Phone: +31-13 466 30 60
             Email: computational.semantics at kub.nl

Website: http://let.uvt.nl/research/TI/sigsem/iwcs/iwcs6

IWCS-6 is endorsed by SIGSEM, the ACL Special Interest Group in
Computational Semantics (see http://www.sigsem.org).

IWCS-6 is spondored by the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences, by 
Springer/Kluwer Academic Publishers, and by Gianotten Books 
and Multimedia.

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