[Elsnet-list] PhD studentship in speech synthesis

Darragh O'Brien dobrien at computing.dcu.ie
Fri Jul 2 17:43:06 CEST 2004

3-year PhD studentship in speech synthesis

We are currently looking to recruit one PhD student
to carry out speech synthesis research at RINCE's
speech processing laboratory, Dublin City University,
Ireland (www.rince.ie).

Unit-selection-based synthesis systems rely on distance
metrics to choose those units which minimise perceived
discontinuities in the output signal. In order to minimise
it, it is necessary to have some objective measure of
discontinuity across unit boundaries. Several candidate
distance measures have been proposed. To date, none
have been reported which accurately and consistently
correlate with human perception.

The proposed research will seek to develop new distance
metrics aimed at reducing this inconsistency and thus
moving us closer to the goal of automatic high quality
speech synthesis.

The ideal candidate should possess:
A good honours degree in electronic engineering or computer science
Speech and/or digital signal processing experience
Strong C/C++ programming skills
Familiarity with Matlab

Net salary approximately 1100 EUR/month

Closing date
Friday 6 August, 2004

Interested applicants should e-mail their resume and a cover letter to:
Dr. Darragh O'Brien (dobrien at computing.dcu.ie) or
Dr. Ronan Scaife (scaifer at eeng.dcu.ie)

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