[Elsnet-list] Post-doctorate in linguistic data processing for speech synthesis

DE TOURNEMIRE Stephanie FTRD/DIH/LAN stephanie.detournemire at francetelecom.com
Tue Jul 6 17:54:27 CEST 2004

France Telecom's Research & Development Division in Lannion is looking for a candidate to fill the following position within the Speech & Sound Technologies & Processing laboratory (SSTP) of the Technologies R&D Centre (CRD Tech):

Post-doctorate in linguistic data processing for speech synthesis 

With strong internationally recognised expertise, the host team, responsible for studies in to speech synthesis, which characterises itself by a strong multidisciplinary nature, produces the highest standard of technological building-blocks. FTR&D's multilingual software system is in this way largely marketed via industrial partners and implemented within France Telecom's many services (such as Yellow pages' "talking pages" service or Orange email).
The team's aim is to continue to improve the quality of the system, by adapting the services offered by France Telecom to the needs of their clients. 


The post doctorate position will contribute to a Speech-To-Speech project and will focus on the INTERFACE BETWEEN TEXT-GENERATOR AND TEXT-TO-SPEECH SYSTEM 

The work will consist in:   
	*	Specifying and implementing an interface between a text generator and a Text-to-speech system 
	*	Implementing new module that enable the TTS system to find prosodic parameters depending on linguistic knowledge (from Text Generator) and speech database. This second step will use automatic learning processing. 
	*	Integrating the new modules in the TTS System and evaluating.  

*	Doctorate degree 
*	Master the main approaches for statistical modelling and automatic learning.
*	Thorough knowledge of C/C++ and the UNIX environment.
*	Knowledge of text and speech processing.
*	Spoken French because the work concerns TTS for French.
*	The ability to work well in a team. 
*	The ability to read, write and speak English.


Deadline for receipt of applications: August 15, 2004
Starting date: September 1, 2004

Thierry MOUDENC		02 96 05 16 59,	thierry.moudenc at francetelecom.com
Stéphanie DE TOURNEMIRE : 02 96 05 31 89,  stephanie.detournemire at francetelecom.com

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