[Elsnet-list] Positions in Discourse and Communication

John Nerbonne nerbonne at let.rug.nl
Mon Jul 12 12:14:24 CEST 2004

There are two openings in the University of Groningen's group for 
discourse and communication.  For at least one of them, expertise in 
natural language dialog systems is very relevant, and the 
computational linguistics group will seek active collaboration
with the new researcher with that profile.

Job titles: 1. UHD (Associate Professor) Discourse and Communication
            2. UD (Assistant Professor) Discourse and Communication 

Qualifications or expertise required: Both jobs require a PhD in a 
relevant field, and the UHD position is reserved for candidates with
proven ability to initiate and successfully run projects, incl. the 
acquisition of funding.  (The UHD will have substantial management 
tasks as well.)
For further details see:

Location of job: University of Groningen

Closing date for applications: 15 Sept 2004

Contact information: Prof. Gisela Redeker, redeker at let.rug.nl,
   Dept of Communication Studies.
                     Dr. Gertjan van Noord, vannoord at let.rug.nl, 
   leader of the computational linguistics group, is available 
   for questions involving collaboration with his group.

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