[Elsnet-list] Call for contributions to the Cocosda 2004 workshop

Magali Jeanmaire duclaux at elda.fr
Mon Jul 12 16:47:55 CEST 2004

Apologies for multiple posting
COCOSDA Workshop 2004 - 4th October 2004 - Jeju Island, Korea

                         In conjunction with ICSLP 2004

at the International Conventiion Center Jeju, Jeju Island, Korea
         Preliminary announcement and Call for contributions

The next COCOSDA workshop will be organized on Monday 4th October,
parallel to the INTERSPEECH 2004 - ICSLP conference, held from 4th to
8th October 2004.

The International Committee for the Co-ordination and Standardization of
Speech Databases and Assessment Techniques (COCOSDA), has been
established to encourage and promote international interaction and cooperation
in the foundation areas of Spoken Language Processing.

COCOSDA is an international organization for coordinating the globalized
efforts in Language resource developments and speech technology evaluation.
The annual workshops of COCOSDA have been held as satellite events of ICSLP
and Eurospeech, now Interspeech. This year, the workshop will be organised on
Monday, 4th October at Interspeech 2004 - ICSLP conference in Korea.

COCOSDA is organized with a structure which reflects the two dimensions of its
functionalities: "Topic Domains" and "Regional Programs".
The former considers the dynamic technology environments, while the latter 
the regional efforts and differences.
Four topic domains have been established:
- Evaluation of Speech Understanding/Dialogue Systems,
- Multi-Modal Corpora,
- Corpus Annotation Tools,
- Local Languages.

Six regional programs are currently present:
- North America,
- Europe,
- Asia,
- Oceania,
- Latin America,
- Africa.

In addition to this, Cocosda has been actively involved in the common work 
with the
International Coordination committee on Written Language Resources and 
related to roadmaps and Language Resources landscape.
A joint meeting was held during the LREC'2004 conference in Lisbon last May 
can be downloaded here: www.lrec-conf.org//lrec2004/article.php?id_article=25)

You are invited to participate in the workshop, which will be organized to 
address all issues
relevant to COCOSDA. The final program of the workshop will be announced in 
it includes pre-organized reports for all regional programs mentioned above 
and other relevant
reports/discussions, plus presentations from the open-call submissions.

If you would like to contribute, please send a short proposal to:
Khalid Choukri (COCOSDA convenor)
<choukri at elda.fr>

More information about COCOSDA can be found at: www.cocosda.org

This is a first general announcement and a call for contributions.
The main items that are planned within the workshop would cover:
- Welcome and General Introduction to the Workshop and COCOSDA
- Recent Activities in South Africa
- Recent Activities of Oriental COCOSDA , Recent developments in China and 
- Recent Activities in Europe and in the Mediterranean Area
- Recent Activities in North America
- Recent Activities in Latin America
- Recent Activities in Oceania
- Developments and trends in speech technologies for local languages
- General Discussion: COCOSDA mission, Partnership with other 
organizations, etc.

We also seek proposals for contributions on Language resources and 
evaluation hot topics
such as recent activities related to:
- Multimodal Projects
- Dialog
- Speech to Speech Technologies
- Corpus annotation
- Etc.
and any other topic that may be of interest to the audience of COCOSDA 

For information about Interspeech-ICSLP 2004 conference, please visit the 
web site at: www.icslp2004.org/

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