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Euroscience WG industr. Research and Development

Dear Sir/Madam,

The Euroscience Working group on industrial Research and Development is
launching currently an initiative to study the situation and the future
potential in industrial R&D within Europe (see more details in the text
below). We would appreciate it if you could publish this information in your
network (e.g. electronic newsletters, on your homepage (news update) and/or
in your journal).

A press release in French, German and English language can be found on the
website. See below). The deadline for participation will be extended until
end of July.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Best regards,

Claus D. Hillebrand

c/o Euroscience,
F-67000 Strassburg
8, rue des Ecrivains
Tel. +49 173.2869460
ISTquestionnaire at euroscience.ws

Euroscience asks why European industrial research is lagging behind the US

Euroscience has launched a questionnaire with the goal of determining why
many EU countries are lagging behind the US in terms of technological
performance and innovation within companies.

The competitiveness of the EU is affected by this under-performance, which
is evidenced by the transferral of research jobs to non-European countries
and decreasing research investment.

The results of the questionnaire will be used by Euroscience to analyse the
current situation and to develop constructive recommendations for policy
makers and industrial decision makers. The ultimate aim is to strengthen
engagement and commitment to industrial research.

Contact person:
To access the questionnaire, please consult the following web address:

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