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              Call for Workshops / Call for Papers

     WISICT 05  Winter International Symposium on Information
                 and Communication Technologies

                  Cape Town South Africa
                  January 3rd-6th, 2005

The purpose of WISICT 05 is to provide an international forum for
discussion between theoreticians and practitioners and to promote an
inter disciplinary exchange of research ideas. We invite papers
exploring all aspects of Computer and Communication
Technologies. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

        *   Computer Science
        *   Information Technology and Systems
        *   Communication Technology
        *   Networks, Control Systems
        *   Image, Acoustic, Speech and Signal Processing
        *   Experience and Applications

      There are two principal modes of paper submission:

           MODE I : Invited Workshop Organization

To chair and organize a workshop at WISICT 05 send an email to
workshops at intsymict.org with the title, a description of the topic of
your proposed workshop up to two hundred words in length, and the
name(s) of the workshop organizer(s) and chair(s) as soon as possible
and before 15 July 2004. If your proposal is suitable, you will
receive preliminary approval notification within a few days. Final
approval will depend upon submission and registration of at least FOUR
papers in the workshop by the WISICT 05 camera ready deadline of 10th
September 2004. The organizer(s) of pre-approved workshops will be
responsible for advertising their workshop, using electronic or other
means, and for the reviewing process for their workshop's papers or
extended abstracts, and for the notification to WISICT 05 of accepted
papers. The organizer(s) of approved workshops will be added to the
WISICT 05 programme committee and be editors of the WISICT 05
conference proceedings.

               MODE II : Stand-Alone Papers

Papers must be submitted in WORD or PDF format by 1st August 2004 for
review. Please submit either an extended abstract or short paper of up
to 6 pages in length. Papers should be formatted so that they are
single-spaced, single column, and use a 12pt Times font. All papers
submitted will be reviewed in full by reviewers from independent

                   Important Dates

15th July 2004  Preliminary approval of invited workshops
1st August 2004 Submission of stand-alone papers
15th August 2004 Notification of acceptance of stand-alone papers
10th September 2004 Camera-ready copies due for all papers
10th September 2004 Registration due for all papers
3rd-6th January 2005 Conference

                     The Venue

Warmed by the African sun, Cape Town is dominated by a towering,
table-shaped mountain, set on a peninsula of soaring, rocky heights
and lush valleys, where two oceans converge - Indian and
Atlantic. Immense natural beauty, and the fast pace and bright lights
of a great urban centre meld effortlessly here. Firmly positioned on
the international map, Cape Town offers a myriad things to do and
places to see, whatever your tastes. The architecture is a mix of
Dutch and English colonial styles, and attractions include the Castle
of Good Hope, built in the 17th Century and the District Six Museum.

          Please email general queries to info at intsymict.org
               URL: http://www.intsymict.org

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