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Steven.Krauwer at let.uu.nl Steven.Krauwer at let.uu.nl
Tue May 4 17:48:08 CEST 2004

        The Directory of National Resources Projects World-wide

           Invitation to provide us with information on YOUR

            National Language and Speech Resources Projects
             at our site http://www.elsnet.org/nps.html


   The members of the ELSNET  and ENABLER networks are now in the
   process of preparing a detailed map of the language and speech
   resources landscape world-wide. This map will take the form of
   a website which  should contain pointers  to all activities in
   the world  that are  relevant for  those who are interested in
   language and speech resources (as well as multimodal resources
   that  contain  language  or  speech  related  components). Our
   target  audience   includes  both   users  and  developers  of
   resources,  as  well  as  people  involved in the creation and
   execution of national or regional resources projects.

   We see this  site as an  information portal for those who want
   to know what is happening  with respect to resources for their
   own  language,  but  also  for  those who want to know what is
   going  on  in  other  languages  with  a  view  to  setting up
   collaboration links aimed  at porting knowledge and experience
   between  languages.  As  we  all  know the investments made in
   language  resources  are  very  much  determined  by  economic
   factors  and  market  prospects.  Especially for the languages
   with limited commercial interest the funding opportunities are
   very poor, whereas  the problems that  have to be overcome are
   the same as for the  major languages. Being able to learn from
   others and  to port  knowledge from  another language to one's
   own is of  crucial importance, and  we hope that the resources
   landscape map will facilitate this.

   As  part  of  the  creation  of  our landscape map we have now
   started collecting information  about past, ongoing and future
   national  language  resources  projects world-wide. Via a very
   simple web  interface people  can submit national project data
   to  this  site,  and   update  the  information  if  and  when
   necessary. Completing the web form should not take more than a
   minute or two, and  we hope that within  the next six weeks we
   will  have  collected  information  on  a majority of national
   resources projects  all over  the world.  We will use a rather
   loose definition of  national project: we  intend to cover all
   projects that  are based  on (partial  or full) public funding
   and  that  have  as  one  of  their activities the creation of
   resources that will be made available to a wider audience than
   just those who are involved in the project.

   Please  take  a  few  minutes  to provide us with a very brief
   description of YOUR projects at


   A sample  description of  a (non-existent) project is provided
   to show what sort of information we expect.

   Please contact us if you have any questions or problems.

   Best regards,

   Steven Krauwer

   ELSNET Coordinator

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