[Elsnet-list] Reminder: COCOSDA-ICCWLRE meeting

Magali Jeanmaire duclaux at elda.fr
Thu May 6 11:44:31 CEST 2004

	                       Joint Meeting:

         Building the Language Resources and Evaluation

  	Joint COCOSDA and ICCWLRE Meeting,
	       in conjunction with LREC 2004

		Lisbon, 30th May 2004

The  first  joint  meeting  of  COCOSDA  and  of the new International
Committee for Written Language Resources and Evaluation (ICCWLRE)
will bring together the communities of Spoken and Written LRs to
foster  integration  between  them and to build a common vision of the
future of HLT.

Participation  in  the meeting is open to everybody and free (there is
no  registration  fee), but registration is mandatory: to register, please
complete the form available from the LREC 2004 web site,

Meeting URL: www.elsnet.org/roadmap-lrec2004.html

The meeting is organized by the joint ELSNET/ENABLER/ELRA Roadmap
Task Force:

- Stephan Busemann (stephan.busemann at dfki.de, DFKI)
- Nicoletta Calzolari (glottolo at ilc.cnr.it, ILC-CNR)
- Khalid Choukri (choukri at elda.fr, ELDA)
- Steven Krauwer (steven.krauwer at elsnet.org, ELSNET)


55-57, rue Brillat-Savarin
75013 Paris FRANCE
Tel: (+33) 1 43 13 33 33 / Fax: (+33) 1 43 13 33 30
URL: http://www.elra.info or http://www.elda.fr

LREC 2004 conference: www.lrec-conf.org/lrec2004/
LangTech forum: http://www.lang-tech.org

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