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Lori Lamel lamel at limsi.fr
Thu May 13 22:05:22 CEST 2004

                         Workshop  MIDL  2004

  Language and dialectal variety identification by humans and machines

  ------------------------ Call for papers  --------------------------

The MIDL 2004 Workshop is organised by the MIDL consortium of the
Modelling for the Identification of Languages project supported by the
interdisciplinary STIC-SHS program of CNRS. Partners are LIMSI-CNRS,
ILPGA/LPP Paris3, TELECOM PARIS (ENST) and DGA, with the support of

Place and date: Paris, 29-30 November 2004

Workshop presentation:

This workshop aims to gather researchers from different backgrounds
around a common topic: discrimination and identification of languages
and their dialectal varieties from the speech signal, either by humans
(new-borns, infants, children, and adults) or by machines.  Knowledge
from different domains will allow us to better answer the following
questions (non-exhaustive list):

* Which acoustic cues and other non-acoustic knowledge are required to
 identify a language or a dialect?

* Which robust clues are conveyed by and/or perceived in the acoustic

* What is the role of innate and acquired knowledge early in life for
 identifying languages and language varieties?

* How can a dominant language and a "weak" language be identified in

* Which of the cues used by humans are potentially useful for
 automatic systems?

* How should the acoustic signal and other linguistic knowledge be
 modelled for automatic identification purpose?

* Can a relationship between perception and automatic processing be
 defined? Are there shared mechanisms? Can they take advantage of one

* Does automatic processing validate or invalidate partially
 established linguistic knowledge?

* What is the relative influence of segmentals (vowels, consonants,
 coarticulation) vs. suprasegmentals (tones, rhythm, intonation, etc.)
 in language identification?

* Do some vocal techniques, melodic cliches or articulatory settings
 allow the identification of languages and accents?

* How should performance in language/dialect identification,
 discrimination, confusion and clustering be measured?

* Do speech rate and style (spontaneous vs. prepared) affect language
 identification scores by humans or machines?

Conference topics:
The following list of topics is more indicative than
exhaustive. Topics should be developed with a "language
identification" perspective:

*	Languages and varieties (dialectal, sociolinguistic varieties...)
*	Humans and machines
*	Typology of languages and their dialectal varieties
*	Phonetics, phonology, prosody
*	Production, perception
*	Identification and voice quality
*	Corpora and applications
*	Language acquisition: infants, L2
*	Cognition of bilingualism

Languages of the conference: French and English.

The conference will be held at the
       Carre des Sciences (Ministere de la Recherche)
       1 rue Descartes, 75005 Paris

and communications will be presented in a unique session. Poster
sessions may be added on participants' demand. Conference proceedings
will be published by the ENST press.

Important dates:
       June 10: abstract submission (1000 words)
       June 30: notification of acceptance
       November 1: final paper submission (4-6 pages)
       November 29 - 30: conference

Abstract submission:
Authors are invited to submit an abstract by email attachment with the
subject "submission MIDL 2004". All submissions should contain the
name(s) of the authors, affiliation, postal address, e-mail address,
phone number and the main author's fax. The accepted formats are .txt,
.rtf. and .pdf. The summaries should be sent by e-mail to the
organising committee no later than June 10, at the following address:
<midl2004 at limsi.fr>.

Final paper submission:
The selected papers should not exceed 6 pages in Times 10, two
columns, A4 format. Details on the submission procedure can be found
on the conference site: www.limsi.fr/MIDL.

Scientific committee:
Martine Adda-Decker, LIMSI, Orsay
Regine Andre-Obrecht, IRIT, Toulouse
Fabien Antoine, CTA-DGA, Arcueil
Philippe Boula de Mareuil, LIMSI, Orsay
Maria Candea, Paris3 EA1483, Paris
Christophe d'Alessandro, LIMSI, Orsay
Albert di Cristo, LPL, Aix-en-Provence
Edouard Geoffrois, CTA-DGA, Arcueil
Pierre Halle, Paris3, Paris
Lori Lamel, LIMSI, Orsay
Jean-Sylvain Lienard, LIMSI, Orsay
Philippe Martin, PARIS VII, Paris
Christophe Pallier, INSERM U562, Orsay
Francois Pellegrino, DDL, Lyon
Franck Ramus, LSCP-ENS, Paris
Jacqueline Vaissiere, ILPGA/LPP Paris3, Paris
Nathalie Vallee, ICP, Grenoble
Ioana Vasilescu, TELECOM PARIS (ENST)

Organising committee:
Martine Adda-Decker, LIMSI
Fabien Antoine, CTA-DGA
Philippe Boula de Mareuil, LIMSI
Maria Candea, Paris3 EA1483
Cedric Gendrot, ILPGA/LPP Paris3
Jean-Sylvain Lienard, LIMSI
Jacqueline Vaissiere, ILPGA/LPP Paris3
Ioana Vasilescu, TELECOM PARIS (ENST)

  Martine Adda-Decker        madda at limsi.fr
  Philippe Boula de Mareuil  mareuil at limsi.fr
  Ioana Vasilescu            vasilesc at tsi.enst.fr

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