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Krzysztof Izdebski Dr kizdebski at pvsf.org
Fri Nov 5 07:46:07 CET 2004

Please Post this Announcement

Dear Colleagues:

We are in the final process of securing the faculty for the upcoming 
(March, 10-12, 2005) Pacific Voice & Speech Foundation’s (PVSF) First 
Annual International Workshop on EMOTIONS in VOICE, organized 
co-jointly with PIXAR Animation Studios of Emeryville, California, USA.

The purpose of this conference is to discuss production/perception of 
emotions contained in the human voice with application to cartoon 
character development.  The workshop focuses on how vocal emotions are 
produced, how the emotions are perceived by the general audiences, how 
to secure the production of intended emotions, what are the minimal 
cues defining specific vocal emotions, how are these emotions produced 
by live and virtual actors, what is the impact of cartoon voices on the 
audiences in cross-cultural, gender and age context, and how production 
of expected vocal emotions is hindered by a diseased larynx. A wide and 
complex area, but how exciting of a project!

We are very impressed by your and your group’s work on the subject of 
vocal quality and emotions.  We trust that you find this workshop as 
fascinating as we do, and that you will choose to participate, to 
present and to teach, to interact and to form new connections, and to 
find, as we did, new intellectual avenues and challenges.

We are inviting you to submit a 10-15 minute presentation on your 
favorite voice quality-emotion topic for inclusion in the program 
comprising live demonstrations, lectures, computer simulations, virtual 
production aspects, psycho-perceptual evaluations, neurophysiology of 
vocal emotions, voice quality issues, social aspects of voice quality 
impact on children and adults, cross-cultural localization of 
non-native language percepts, and synchronization of voice quality 
attributes with facial and body movements. The long-term challenge of 
these meetings is to provide the entertainment industry with a 
scientific basis of voice quality attributes and the potential impact 
vocal emotions have on world-wide audiences.

We will meet at the PIXAR facilities providing the speakers and the 
audience with a truly unique experience, ambiance, and a chance to 
visit the most advanced animation technical facilities and the creators 
of Oscar winners.
As you know, PVSF (www.pvsf.org) just completed another successful 
annual clinical voice conference (#15), yet we are very excited by this 
new avenue of PVSF activity and thr launching of cooperation between 
science and the entertainment industry, with PIXAR as the co-partner.
Please contact us regarding your participation as soon as possible. 
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Krzysztof Izdebski
Chairman, PVSF
Chairman, PVC
Board of Directors, the World Voice Consortium
Randy Nelson,
Dean, PIXAR University
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