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Kuba Piskorski piskorsk at dfki.de
Fri Nov 12 17:24:34 CET 2004

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Call for Papers

O n t o L a n g B I S

Ontologies and Language Technologies
for Business Information Systems

Special Session in conjunction with the 8th International
Conference on Business Information Systems BIS 2005

April 20-22, 2005, Poznan, Poland


BIS  conference  provides  a forum for  the  dissemination  of
research  on  the  design, implementation  and  deployment  of
computer systems for business purposes. In the last decade, we
have  witnessed  an  ever-growing  tendency  towards  stronger
utilization of semantic and language technologies in knowledge
management and acquisition processes, which are crucial  tasks
in the context of real-world business information systems. The
goal  of  this special session is to present novel  solutions,
exchange   new   ideas  and  experiences,   and   to   promote
interdisciplinary discussion on issues concerning creation and
application   of   ontologies  as  well  as  exploitation   of
intelligent natural language processing techniques in business
On  the  one  hand,  ontologies provide a  machine-processable
semantics of information that is exchanged between humans  and
computer  systems.  Various  standards,  tools,  services  and
approaches for automatic ontology acquisition emerged. It will
be advantageous to compare existing resources and elaborate on
proximate line of research.
On  the  other hand, recent advances in the field of  language
technology, in particular in the area of robust and  efficient
processing, structuring and searching of unstructured  textual
data attracts an enormous attention of the business community.
Natural language processing will obviously play paramount role
in   next   generation  business  applications  dealing   with
processing vast amount of unstructured data.

Topics of interests

OntoLangBis  invites submissions related  to  all  aspects  of
ontologies  and natural language processing techniques,  which
exhibit   relevance  to  the  potential  usage   in   business
information systems. The scope of the session encompasses  but
is not limited to:

  -   Domain Ontologies in BIS
  -   Ontologies for Services and Processes
  -   Applications of the Semantic Web
  -   Semantic Web for Decision Support
  -   Merging of Ontologies
  -   Enterprise Application Integration
  -   Ontologies for Information Extraction
  -   Ontologies for Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
  -   Language  Technologies  for  Knowledge  Management  and
  -   Mono and multilingual information extraction
  -   Cross-lingual Information Retrieval
  -   NLP-based Text Classification and Summarization
  -   Textual Question Answering
  -   Text and Web Mining

Important dates:

Submission closing date - Dec 1, 2004
Acceptance notice date - Feb 15, 2005
Manuscript closing date - Mar 10, 2005

Special Session Co-Chairs
Jakub   Piskorski,  German  Research  Center  for   Artificial 
Intelligence, Germany
Krzysztof Wecel, The Poznan University of Economics, Poland

Stuhlsatzenhausweg 3, D-66123 Saarbruecken, Germany
phone: +49 (681) 302 5306
PRIVATE: Grossherzog-Friedrichstrasse 60, 66121 Saarbruecken, Germany
phone: +49 (681) 9 386 766
HEADQUARTERS: ul.Strzecha 37, 60-287 Poznan, Poland
phone: +48 (61) 8 610 707

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