[Elsnet-list] PhD and Post-Doc position in Nijmegen, Dept. of Language & Speech

Lou Boves L.Boves at let.ru.nl
Thu Nov 25 10:17:47 CET 2004

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The Research group “Language & Speech Technology” of the Radboud University
Nijmegen has an opening for a PhD Student and a Post-Doc in the context of
the project

À Propos: Pro-active personalization for professional document writing

The project will be conducted by a consortium of two academic research 
(in addition to Nijmegen also the Dept. of Computational Linguistics and AI
of Tilburg University) and several companies, among which the Search 
Centre, Polderland Language and Speech Technology, and Irion Technologies.
The project is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, through
SenterNovem, as part of a larger startegic research program on Human System
Interaction (IOP-MMI).

The PhD Student is a full-time position for 42 months.
The Post-Doc position is part time, for 36 months.

À Propos combines advanced language technology with human factors research
to develop a knowledge management and information extraction system that
will support members of professional work groups by pro-actively 
searching for
information that is likely to be relevant for the job that they are 
engaged in.
In Tilburg the focus will be mainly on the language technology part of the
project, while the research in Nijmegen will focus on the human factors
aspects. The target languages will be English and Dutch, since these are the
languages that are most frequently used by knowledge workers in the 

The PhD student that we are hiring in Nijmegen must have a solid background
in Language Technology, to be able to understand the possibilities and
limitations of that technology when it comes to information extraction.
(S)he may also want to make contributions to improving information 
by identifying the factors that contribute most to the way in which users
appreciate or dislike unsollicited suggestions.
Since the focus of the research is in the human factors aspects of 
and knowledge management, the ideal candidate also brings knowledge of 
factors research. Knowledge of and experience with research in information
presentation is a definite plus.

For this position we are looking for a person with a recent MSc, MA or
Mphil in Language Technology, Cognitive Science, Artificial Intelligence
or Computer Science.
The position will be filled as soon as possible.

The Post-Doc whom we would like to hire should have a background in 
Technology, Knowledge Management and Human Factors research. In addition,
this person must have experience with supervising PhD students and 
research in a multi-site project. Therefore, we are looking for a person 
holds a PhD in Language Technology, Cognitive Science or Computer Science.
The post-doc must start working no later than July 2005.

Applications for both positions must be addressed to
Lou Boves
Radboud University Nijmegen, Language & Speech
P.O. Box 9103
6500 HD Nijmegen
The Netherlands

Or via e-mail: L.Boves at let.ru.nl

The deadline for applications for he PhD position is December 17, 2004.
The deadline for applications for the post-doc position is January 14, 2005

The two positions that are open now will be based in Nijmegen.
However, to emphasize and foster the collaboration between academia and
industry, both the PhD student and the post-doc will spend part of their
time at the offices of the Search Expertise Centre.

Information about Language and Speech Technology research in
Nijmegen can be found at

For information about the umbrella research prgram on Human
System Interaction go to

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