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Tue Nov 30 12:07:32 CET 2004

 Master/final year projects


                open positions for

          research assistants/Phd students

DaimlerChrysler research & technology at Ulm, Germany, offers work
opportunities for students in the research groups speech processing
and dialog systems. The students will be employed between
6 months (Master) and 3 years (PhD) and have the opportunity to
write their Master’s or PhD thesis. Together with a highly qualified
research team they will work on one or more of following subjects.

Possible subjects:
       Adaptation of statistical language models (PhD thesis)
       Software tools for developing domain-specific language models
       Programming of graphical user interfaces
             Testing of speech recognizers
             University studies in computer science or a related field
       Excellent programming skills (C/C++ or Perl or QT)
       Strong interest in speech technology

Contact: (please e-mail your CV including exam marks)
Dr. Harald Hüning
DaimlerChrysler AG
Research & Technology
Research E/E and Information Technology
Vehicle IT and Services/ Dialogue Systems REI/VD
P.O. Box 2360, 89013 Ulm, Germany

Phone +49 731 505 4834
FAX:  +49 731 505 4105
mailto:harald.huening at daimlerchrysler.com

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