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Wed Oct 6 00:05:28 CEST 2004

Natural Language based Knowledge Representations: New Perspectives

  	Special Track at
the 18th International FLAIRS Conference
In cooperation with the American Association for Artificial 
Intelligence  <http://www.aaai.org/> 	

Adam's Mark Hotel <http://www.thepalmshotel.com/>
Clearwater Beach, FL
May 16-18, 2005

Paper submission deadline: Friday, October 22, 2004. 
Notifications sent by: Wednesday, January 7, 2005. 
Final papers due: Friday, February 4, 2005. 

Special Track Coordinator
Vasile Rus <mailto:vasile at cs.iusb.edu>
The University of Memphis
Fedex Institute of Technology
Call for Papers


We define Natural Language based Knowledge Representation as a 
representation that is closer to NL as opposed to being more artificial. 
The intuition is that such representations will be more expressive, or 
at least borrow as much as possible from the expressiveness of NL. 

The goal of this Special Track is to re-assess the status of Natural 
Language (NL) based Knowledge Representations (KR) and systems. It was 
believed that NL-based KR systems would deliver representational and 
inferential properties of natural language but the hard issues in NL 
such as ambiguity, context-dependency and the complexity of syntax, 
semantics and pragmatics limited in the past the progress of building 
promising knowledge processing systems. 

Among the advantages of building NL-based KR systems are:

   1. NL-based systems would be user friendly
   2. Most human knowledge is encoded and transmitted via natural
      language and thus NL-based KR are a natural development 
   3. searching on the Internet has become a necessity and a daily task
      for most of us; natural language is heavily used in this task
      since more than 90% of the web information is textual
   4. NL-based knowledge processing sytems would provide a uniform
      symbolic representation for encoding knowledge and processing it
   5. it is hard to match expressiveness and precision of natural
      language, particularly in not (well) formalized domains

Recent advances of Natural Language Processing (NLP) in the areas of 
syntactic parsing, semantics and pragmatics have opened new perspectives 
for developing expressive KR and building promising NL-based knowledge 
processing systems. A special track to re-assess the new perspectives is 
needed and this Special Track aims to satisfy this need. 


We invite highly original papers that describe:

   1. novel, expressive NL-based representations
   2. multi-level representations
   3. NL-based inference methods and reasoning engines
   4. evaluation techniques for NL-based KR
   5. challenges in NL-based representations and in deriving such
      representations from NL texts, especially how recent advances in
      NL technologies provide new opportunities for knowledge aquisition
      and processing
   6. techniques for coreference resolution, word sense disambiguation,
      information extraction, predicate-argument structure, frame
      semantics, preposition semantics, syntactic parsing, named entity
      recognition, etc. and their impact on NL-based KR
   7. NL-based KR in dialogue management
   8. NL-based KR in Question/Query Answering
   9. NL-based KR in auto tutoring systems 
  10. NL-based KR in Information Retrieval
  11. large knowledge bases construction using NL-based KR
  12. scalability issues of systems built using NL-based KR
  13. other related issues

Submission Guidelines

Interested authors should format their papers according to AAAI 
formatting guidelines. The papers should not exceed 6 pages and are due 
by October 22, 2004. Please note the change from 5 to 6 pages from the 
first CFP. Additional pages (7 and more) have to be cleared by the 
program chairs and will be $100 each. The papers should not identify the 
author(s) in any manner. Authors should indicate the special track if 
one exists that closely matches the topic of their paper. All 
submissions will be done electronically via the FLAIRS web submission 
system available through the paper submission site at 

Conference Proceedings

Papers will be refereed and all accepted papers will appear in the 
conference proceedings which will be published by AAAI Press.  Selected 
authors will be invited to submit extended versions of their papers to a 
special issue of the International Journal on Artificial Intelligence 
Tools (IJAIT) to be published in 2006. 

Organizing Committee

Vasile Rus, Indiana University
Vivi Nastase, University of Ottawa

Programme Committee

Jerry Hobbs, USC/ISI
Andrew Gordon, USC/ICT
Art Graesser, University of Memphis
Bob Givan, Purdue University
Lucja Iwanska, Georgia Southwestern State University
Fernando Gomez, University of Central Florida
Susan Haller, University of Wisconsin - Parkside
Tudor Muresan, Technical University of Cluj
Stephen Anthony, University of Sydney
Rada Mihalcea, University of North Texas
Smaranda Muresan, Columbia University
Diana Inkpen, University of Ottawa
Zdravko Markov, Central Connecticut State University
Vasile Rus, Indiana University
Vivi Nastase, University of Ottawa
Boris Galitsky, University of London
David Ahn, University of Amsterdam
Valentin Jijkoun, University of Amsterdam
Max Louwerse, University of Memphis
Paul Morarescu, University of Texas at Dallas
Andrew Olney, Fedex Institute of Technology
Zygmunt Vetulani, Adam Mickiewicz University

Further Information

       Questions regarding the NL-based KR track should be addressed to 
the track co-chairs: 
       Vasile  Rus at  vasile at cs.iusb.edu 
       Viviana Nastase at  vnastase at csi.uottawa.ca

       Questions regarding paper submission should be addressed to the 
FLAIRS-2005 program co-chairs: 
       Ingrid Russell, irussell at hartford.edu, University of Hartford 
       Zdravko Markov, markovz at ccsu.edu, Central Connecticut State 

       General questions concerning the conference should be addressed 
to the FLAIRS-2005 conference co-chairs: 
       Diane Cook, University of Texas at Arlington
       Lawrence Holder, University of Texas at Arlington

       Special Tracks Coordinator
       Todd Neller, Gettysburg College

Invited Speakers

Lawrence Hunter, University of Colorado
Martha Pollack, University of Michigan
Ted Senator, DARPA
David Stork, Ricoh and Stanford University

Conference Web Sites

       Paper submission site: 
       NL-based KR special track web page: 
       FLAIRS-2005 conference web page: http://www.flairs.com 
       Florida AI Research Society (FLAIRS): http://www.flairs.com 

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