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2004 Australasian Language Technology Workshop (ALTW2004)

		*** EARLY REGISTRATION: 31 October 2004 ***

                Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

                Workshop: 8th December 2004
                ALTA website: http://www.alta.asn.au/
                Workshop contact email: workshop AT alta.asn.au


A one-day workshop on Natural Language Technology will be organised by
Australasian Language Technology Association (ALTA). The workshop will
held in conjunction with the Australasian Language Technology Summer
School in Sydney. The workshop will run in parallel with the first day
SST 2004: http://www.assta.org/sst/2004

The goals of the workshop are:

   * to bring together the growing Language Technology (LT)
     community in Australia and New Zealand and encourage interactions;
   * to encourage dissemination of results;
   * to foster interaction between academic and industrial research;
   * to provide a forum for discussion of new research and
     students research;
   * to encourage interactions between this community and the
     international LT community;
   * to provide an opportunity for the broader artificial intelligence
     community to become aware of local LT research; and, finally,
   * to increase visibility of LT research in Australia, New Zealand
     and overseas.

Our hope is to get as many Australasian LT researchers together as
possible to encourage dialogue between those working on similar topics
between areas with a - perhaps as yet untapped - potential to interact.
Participants outside of Australasia are encouraged to attend.

Papers submitted to the workshop were reviewed by an international
program committee, and the workshop proceedings will be published with
an ISBN number.

Program Committee

     Ash Asudeh, University of Canterbury (NZ) (Co-chair)
     Cecile Paris, CSIRO (AU) (Co-chair)
     Stephen Wan, CSIRO and Macquarie University (AU) (Student Chair)
     Steven Bird, University of Melbourne (AU)
     Steve Cassidy, Macquarie University (AU)
     Nathalie Colineau, CSIRO (AU)
     Dominique Estival, DSTO (AU)
     James Curran, Sydney University (AU)
     Alistair Knott, University of Otago (NZ)
     Mirella Lapata, University of Sheffield (UK)
     Corrin Lakeland, University of Otago (NZ)
     Nadine Ozkan, Scansoft (Canada)
     Hiroshi Masuichi, Fujixerox (JP)
     Daniel Midgley, University of Western Australia (AU)
     Harold Somers, UMIST (UK)

More Information

The ALTA web page: http://www.alta.asn.au/events/altw2004

You can contact the workshop organisers for further information:
AT alta.asn.au .

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