[Elsnet-list] IBM Job Offer for Developer of Speech Technologies

Jochen Friedrich JOCHEN at de.ibm.com
Fri Sep 3 10:00:15 CEST 2004

To the Elsnet team:

I am contacting you as hiring manager at IBM Voice Technology Development.
We are currently looking for highly qualified speech technology development
engineers from all over Europe. Attached please find a job offer which I
would kindly ask you to post with the ELSNET list.

Many thanks.... Jochen Friedrich

(See attached file: 04 08 IBM Job offer Speech Technology Developer..txt)

Dr. Jochen Friedrich
IBM Pervasive Computing, EMEA Voice Technology Development
Gottlieb-Daimler-Strasse 12, 68165 Mannheim, Germany
Phone:    +49-621-469-680
Fax:         +49-621-469-200
e-mail:      jochen at de.ibm.com
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The European Voice Technology Development organisation at IBM is responsible 
for the development of current and future speech technologies (covering speech 
recognition, speech synthesis, speech understanding). These technologies are 
used within IBM’s telephony and embedded solution offerings (IBM WebSphere Voice 
Server, Embedded ViaVoice). To strengthen our teams we are looking for university 
hires or professionals for several temporary and permanent positions as Software 
Engineers in Speech Technology Processing at IBM Germany Development.

Contact information:
Please apply through this web-link: http://www-5.ibm.com/employment/de/jobs/e1404.html
or by mail to 
- Dr. Jochen Friedrich (jochen at de.ibm.com) or
- Dr. Siegfried (Jimmy) Kunzmann (kunzmann at de.ibm.com).

Job Title: Engineer in Speech Technology Development

Job description:
· Development of  newest, advanced speech technologies
· Development of speech processing technologies for research and product prototypes
  (Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition, Telephony/Embedded Acoustic Systems, Natural 
  Language Understanding, Speech Synthesis, Multilingual Speech Recognition)
· Execution of experiments for evaluation and optimisation of recognition accuracy 
· Architecture, design and development of speech technology tools to simplify the 
  training and analysis of speech processing systems
· Fast and efficient implementation and use of newest speech technologies on different 
  OS platforms based on early findings from IBM Research and/or the scientific community
· Development of language specific acoustic & linguistic data & parameter sets for various 
  usage scenarios (Desktop, Telephony, Embedded)
· Adaptation and solving of language problems specifically for European languages

Qualifications and expertise required:
It is of advantage that you have a university degree in computer science or electrical 
engineering as well as profound and applied (algorithmic) knowledge in the following areas: 
· Pattern recognition
· Speech processing (recognition, synthesis, natural language understanding dialog system) 
· Multi-dimensional speech signal processing 
· Architecture / system-design / implementation of stochastic algorithms of speech processing 
  systems (HMM, statistical parser)
· acoustic & linguistic speech processing speech processing
· broad theoretical and applied knowledge (statistic, acoustic, phonetic, linguistic) in 
  development and research of speech recognition, synthesis and understanding systems
· PhD or comparable experience preferred

In addition, candidates should have profound, applied knowledge and experience with 
one/several operating systems (Linux, Windows, cluster) and modern programming languages 
(C++, XML, scripting languages)

Languages: fluent German & English, more European languages are of benefit.

Location of job: IBM Boeblingen, Germany

Closing date for application: November 30, 2004

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