[Elsnet-list] Post-Doc, Chinese, France Telecom, R&D Division, Lannion, France

BOUALEM Malek RD-TECH-LAN malek.boualem at francetelecom.com
Mon Sep 20 18:14:13 CEST 2004

France Telecom R&D division, located in Lannion France,
is offering a post-doctoral position (from 12 to 18 months),
starting in October 2004.

This post-doc on the topic of Chinese Language Processing
will take place within the "Natural Language" team,
specialized in NLP.

According to his skills, the successful candidate will
be involved in part of our activities related to the
Chinese language, such as:

- Lexical and syntactic data specification.
- Tests and validation of data and linguistic processing.
- Segmentation and analysis methodologies of Chinese texts.
- Contribution to research studies on Chinese NLP.
- Set up of an ideogram I/O environment.
- Contribution to identifying NLP applications in China.
- Participation to international collaborative projects.
- Interface role with a team based in Beijing.

Candidates will be evaluated according to part or all of
the following skills : 

- Computational Linguistics.
- Programming skills : C, C++.
- NLP, most particularly for the Chinese language.
- Knowledge on linguistic data formal representations.
- Knowledge on characters and documents encoding. 
- Knowledge on multilingual text processing. 
- Sensitivity to NLP applications.
- Ability to work in multidisciplinary environments.
- Languages : Chinese and English (French appreciated).

Applications should be sent to:
malek.boualem at rd.francetelecom.com

It is appreciated to name your files :

Malek Boualem
France Telecom - Division R&D
Laboratoire EASY - URD Langues Naturelles
2, avenue Pierre Marzin - 22307 Lannion - France
Tel: (33)(0)
Fax: (33)(0)
Email: malek.boualem at rd.francetelecom.com

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