[Elsnet-list] Job opening for nationals of EU Enlargement countries

Ralf Steinberger ralf.steinberger at jrc.it
Fri Apr 8 17:46:06 CEST 2005


SUBJECT:       Job Opportunity at the EC's Joint Research Centre (JRC)

TARGET GROUP:  Citizens of new or future EU countries

DEADLINE:      17 June 2005

STARTING DATE: Early 2006 

DURATION:      12 months 

HOST:          Joint Research Centre of the European Commission 

LOCATION:      Ispra, Lago Maggiore, Northern Italy (see map
<http://www.jrc.cec.eu.int/who_we_are/mapispr.htm> )

00100D614 and 


LANGTECH WEB:   <http://www.jrc.it/langtech> http://www.jrc.it/langtech 



There is an open call for expression of interest for a one-year position in
the field of Language Technology (and more posts in other areas) at the
European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC) in Ispra, at the Lago
Maggiore in Northern Italy. Applicants from the fields of Computational
Linguistics, Machine Learning, Computer Science, Linguistics, Statistics or
related areas are particularly welcome. 




To support the enlargement of the European Union (EU), the JRC promotes the
gradual integration of the new EU Member States, of Acceding Countries and
Candidate Countries (NMS/AC/CC) in the European
<http://europa.eu.int/comm/research/era/index_en.html>  Research Area (ERA)
and assists them in particular through an increased participation in the
relevant JRC activities by offering training and mobility possibilities.
Special attention will be given to candidatures of experts from NMS/ACs/CCs
associated to the EU RTD Framework Programme namely: Bulgaria, Croatia,
Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland,
Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia and Turkey. 




The specific call for the field of Language Technology can be found at
00100D614. Possible tasks depend on the profile of the applicants, but will
involve the participation in current research projects, and possibly the
adaptation of existing text mining tools to further languages. Applicants
should have good programming skills and an interest in producing hands-on


The JRC's Language Technology group specialises in multilingual text
analysis applications providing cross-lingual information access, with a
focus on news analysis (see http://press.jrc.it <http://press.jrc.it/>  and
http://press.jrc.it/NewsExplorer/). Fields of interest are information
extraction, named entity recognition, scenario template filling, Semantic
Web applications, terminology extraction and dictionary generation from
parallel corpora, thesaurus indexing, multilingual text classification and
clustering, document relevance-ranking, monolingual and cross-lingual
document similarity calculation, topic detection and tracking, visualisation
of textual information, etc. For more information and for scientific
contacts, see http://www.jrc.it/langtech.   




The JRC is situated in Ispra, in Northern Italy, about one hour West of the
city of Milan. Its 1700 international staff work in a multi-disciplinary and
multilingual environment. 


Interested persons should send the application form together with their CV
and a list of publications to ipsc at jrc.it before 17 June 2005. The submitted
applications will be evaluated and a reply will be sent to the applicants by
September 2005. 



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