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Tanja Bänziger Tanja.Banziger at pse.unige.ch
Tue Apr 26 10:01:03 CEST 2005

Swiss Centre for Research in the Affective Sciences

We invite applications for research positions and fellowships in a new
National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) financed by the Swiss
National Science Foundation and the University of Geneva

Affective Sciences:
Emotions in individual behaviour and social processes

This NCCR, starting on September 1, 2005 for a total period of 10 years, is
directed by Prof. Klaus Scherer and centred at the University of Geneva.
Members represent the fields of anthropology, economics, history, law,
neurology, philosophy, and psychology at five different universities (Bern,
Fribourg, Geneva, Neuchâtel, Zurich). In 12 individual projects researchers
will study how emotions are produced and perceived, how they are
controlled, and what social functions they serve, jointly developing and
applying advanced methods. Researchers will synthesize their findings along
three transversal axes cutting across all projects: Pro- and anti-social
behaviour, gender differences, and emotional development across the life
span. In collaboration with partner institutions in politics, business, and
health care, the NCCR emphasizes knowledge transfer and practical
applications of research findings.

Positions for postdoctoral researchers and fellowships for doctoral
students are available for applicants from the disciplines mentioned above
in the three transversal modules (Geneva Centre) and 12 individual projects
at different universities (project leaders - Bern: Semmer; Fribourg:
Perrez, Reicherts; Geneva: Borgeaud, Eid, Flueckiger, Gendolla, Kaiser,
Landis, Mulligan, Robert, Roth, Scherer, Van der Linden, Vuilleumier,
Zentner; Neuchâtel: Tschan; Zurich: Ehlert, Fehr). The positions will be
filled on the basis of a competitive application procedure. Given equal
qualification, female applicants will be preferred.

For details concerning the positions available, the qualifications
required, and the procedure for submitting applications, researchers at
both the pre- and postdoctoral level who are interested in joining this
exciting interdisciplinary effort are invited to visit the following


While the NCCR website is being constructed, scientists interested in the
NCCR Affective Sciences in general can find further information at the
following site:


Prof. Klaus R. Scherer, Ph.D. * University of Geneva
Dept. of Psychology * 40. Bd. du Pont d'Arve * CH-1205 Geneva
Tel +41/22/379-9211 or 9215 * Fax +41/22/379-9219 (new)
EMail Klaus.Scherer at pse.unige.ch
Web page of the Geneva Emotion Research Group:

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