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Mon Aug 1 19:47:26 CEST 2005

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The Faculty of Arts at Tilburg University (The Netherlands) announces a 
full-time position for a

*PhD student* (vacancy number 810.05.05)

This position is connected to the research programme Multimodality and 
Cognition (see for a description 

Starting date: October 1, 2005

*Project description*

This PhD-project aims at investigating the influence of computer 
mediation on the communicative behavior of participants, thereby 
focusing on one aspect, i.e., how do participants refer to entities 
which are relevant in the communicative setting and how do they 
establish referential coherence in their interaction. In this project, 
we expect that mediated reference is affected in the first place by the 
following two communicative conditions, i.e., the participants' 
co-presence and the presence of a shared workspace. It is reasonable to 
expect that humans in a computer mediated setting refer differently to 
objects depending on the degree of presence of their addressee. Computer 
mediated addressees can be mentally present but perceptually invisible, 
they can be visible in abstract animated form (e.g. in the form of a 
cartoon figure or an embodied conversational agent), or they can be 
visible as a real life representation (via web cam for example). 
Likewise, participants are expected to refer differently depending of 
the degree in which they share a relevant workspace. This central 
research question can be formulated as follows: "What is the effect of 
the presence of participants (co-presence) and the presence of a visual 
workspace on the verbal and non-verbal referential behavior of language 
users in a computer mediated communicative environment”.


A more comprehensive description of the project can be found on 

· Master’s degree in discourse studies, linguistics, (cognitive) 
psychology, communication science, or a related field of expertise. 
Strong preference for a linguist, who is experienced and has strong 
affinity with experimental research, or a psychologist who is 
experienced with and has strong affinity with linguistic research.

· Knowledge of statistical techniques

· Technical experience in the field of digital media is recommended

· A clear interest in and proven qualifications for doing research. This 
should be evident from a high quality (Research) Master’s thesis as well 
as from the subjects chosen during the Bachelor/Master or doctoral 

· Able to finish the research project within a period of four years (or 
five years in the case of a part-time position).

The selected candidate will get a four year contract (full-time) as a 
PhD student. The (gross) salary will be EUR 1867 at the start of the 
project and EUR 2394 at the end.

Candidates apply by sending the following documents by September 10 2005:

· a letter of application;

· a critical reflection (max 2 pp.) on the extended project proposal 
description (www.uvt.nl/faculteiten/fcc/people/maes/news/PhDVacancy/)

· a curriculum vitae. This should at least contain copies of the 
diploma, an informative list of courses, relevant professional 
experience in the area of education and research and a list of 
publications, if any. In case a candidate has not (yet) formally 
acquired his or her Master’s degree, a list should be provided of 
results so far and information about the Master's thesis

As a rule, around 80 per cent of a PhD’s time is reserved for research 
and training, the rest of the time is reserved for courses and teaching. 
At the time of appointment, a training and supervision plan will be 
drawn up.


More detailed information about the position can be obtained from Prof. 
Dr. A.Maes (maes at uvt.nl <mailto:maes at uvt.nl>).

Applications should be sent by September 10 2005 to
Tilburg University, Faculty of Arts
Drs. O. Zweekhorst, Faculty Director
vacancy no. 810.05.05
Room U 40
P.O. Box 90153
5000 LE Tilburg
The Netherlands

Or by email: solliciterenFDL at uvt.nl <mailto:solliciterenFDL at uvt.nl>

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