[Elsnet-list] CFP: ASIDE2005 ISCA ITRW & COST278 Final Workshop

Borge Lindberg bli at kom.auc.dk
Wed Aug 10 15:57:04 CEST 2005

            ASIDE2005 ISCA ITRW & COST278 Final Workshop on

   Applied Spoken Language Interaction in Distributed Environments
                    November 10th and 11th 2005,
                Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark

            Paper submission deadline: September 19, 2005


Theme of workshop
The emergence of networked devices has broken down the classical partitioning
of interactive systems into telecom and desktop applications and the past
decade has witnessed a growing interest in deploying spoken language
interaction in distributed environments. However, interactive systems of a
distributed nature are not only emerging but are also creating new challenges
to the required research in interactive systems.

This workshop will both deal with features of current distributed systems and
the research challenges of future systems by bringing together researchers
from both universities and industry to consider different aspects of applying
spoken language interaction in distributed environments.

A broad list of topics includes, but is not limited to:

-   Spoken language interaction in wired and wireless distributed environments
-   Distributed speech processing
-   Distributed Multi-modal interactive systems
-   Personalised and context-aware interaction systems
-   Deployment of services and systems
-   Evaluation of interactive systems
-   Research challenges in spoken language interaction
-   Standard formalisms and architectures

In addition to regular technical sessions, the workshop will include invited
plenary talks on topics of related general interest. The workshop will be
divided into four sessions during the two days.

Participation to the workshop will be restricted to around 90 people.

The workshop is organised by COST (European cooperation in the field of
Scientific and Technical Research) Action 278 on Spoken Language Interaction
in Telecommunication and is the same time the final workshop of COST278.
In addition the workshop is organised as an ISCA Tutorial and Research Workshop

Submission and further details
Prospective authors are invited to submit four-page full papers describing
original work in any of the areas relevant to the workshop.

Further details are available on:   http://cost278.org/aside2005
Email enquiries can be sent to:     mailto:aside2005 at cost278.org

Important dates
Submission deadline:                September 19, 2005
Notification of acceptance:         October 5, 2005
Workshop:                           November 10th and 11th, 2005

Organising Committee
Børge Lindberg                      Aalborg University, Denmark
Torbjørn Svendsen                   NTNU, Trondheim, Norway
Ben Milner                          University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK
Christian Wellekens                 EURECOM, Sophia Antipolis, France
Georg Niklfeld                      FTW, Vienna, Austria
João Paulo Neto                     INESC, Lisboa, Portugal
Lars Bo Larsen                      Aalborg University, Denmark
Lou Boves                           Univ. of Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Zheng-Hua Tan                       Aalborg University, Denmark

The workshop will be held at:
Aalborg University
Kroghstræde 3, Room 1.104
9220 Aalborg, Denmark

Local organiser:
Børge Lindberg
E-mail: lindberg at kom.aau.dk
Phone:  +45 96358638
Fax:    +45 98151583

Supporters of the Workshop
COST-TIST   European co-operation in the field of Scientific and Technical
            Research - Telecommunications, Information Science and Technology

ISCA        International Speech Communication Association

AAU         Aalborg University

CTIF        Center for Teleinfrastruktur at AAU

The main objective of this COST-TIST Action is to create knowledge in several
problem areas of spoken language interaction in telecommunications in order
to achieve communicative interfaces that provide a natural human-computer
interaction through more cognitive, intuitive and robust interfaces, whether
monolingual, multilingual or multimodal.

The scientific programme emphasises speech and dialogue processing in
multimodal communication interfaces, issues related to robustness and
multilinguality, human-computer dialogue theories, and models and systems
and associated tools for the establishment of interactive systems. The
programme also involves the evaluation of telecommunication applications
in which spoken language is the only or one of many types of input or
output modalities.

Activities within COST278 are divided into three working groups with various

    WG-1 Speech input processing
    WG-2 Multi-modal processing
    WG-3 Dialogue processing

The COST278 website is located at: http://cost278.org

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