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Jessen, Dr, Michael (BKA-KT54) Michael.Jessen at bka.bund.de
Tue Feb 1 13:28:42 CET 2005

Dear Elsnet organisational staff,
we would like to place the following job ad

- job title: We are looking for a specialist in speech signal processing
within the field of speaker recognition and forensic audio. Duties are
research and development projects as well as collaboration on expert
witness reports in speaker recognition and tape analysis
- duration of contract: 1 year (it is not ruled out that it turns into a
permanent position)
- qualifications or expertise required: a. MSc, MA etc. in electrical
engineering, computer science, computational linguistics/phonetics, or
related; b. in-depth knowledge of/experience in digital speech signal
processing (e.g. LPC, cepstrum,  f0-tracking, filters), in language and
speech database structures, and in statistics (e.g. Bayes); c. some
knowledge/experience in automatic speaker- or speech recognition; d.
preferably, knowledge in phonetics or experience working in a phonetics
lab; d. competence in German and English; e. unimpaired hearing.
- location of job: Bundeskriminalamt, Department of Speaker
Identification and Tape Analysis, Wiesbaden, Germany 
- closing date for applications: February 21, 2005
- contact information: Please send application to Bundeskriminalamt,
Referat ZV 11-3 Personalgewinnung, 65173 Wiesbaden, Germany. 
 You can access the original job ad (written in German) at the BKA
website www.bundeskriminalamt.de (go to "Ausbildung und Stellen", then
"Aktuelle Stellenangebote").

Dr. Michael Jessen
Sprecher-Erkennung und Tonträgeranalyse, KT54
D-65173 Wiesbaden

Tel:  ++49-611-55-18044 			
Fax: ++49-611-55-18091

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