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Tue Feb 8 10:32:46 CET 2005

Dear colleagues,

We would like to introduce to you a new, imaginative activity to be held
at INTERSPEECH2005 =96 EUROSPEECH in Lisbon: The INTERSPEECH05 Science Qu=

The idea is that upon registration in Lisbon all INTERSPEECH2005
participants receive a sheet with 20 intruiging questions from the area
of language and speech science and technology, for which the
(surprising) answers are to be found during the conference. Sparkling
discussions are hoped for during coffee breaks, lunches and during
Lisbon night life.

An example:
- How long does it take for a human to produce enough acoustic energy
in speech that is equivalent to the energy needed to bring a cup of
tea to the boil.
a) less than ten years
b) more than ten years
c) never in a life time
[adapted from lecture notes from prof. Jw van den Berg, Groningen, the
founding father of the myoelastic-aerodynamic theory of speech
production, early fiftees]

To make this action a success we need your help in providing questions.
The ideal question should address an issue under the broad heading of
speech science and technology, its theories, history and applications,
and should be concisely formulated. In addition, three alternative =96
short =96 answers should be added, while for the correct answer a
motivation and references are needed. The correct answers to the 20
questions will be presented during the closing ceremony of
INTERSPEECH2005 =96 EUROSPEECH, with a nice prize for the participant who=

found most of them. Those who contributed a selected question will be
acknowledged after the answers have been made public.

***Questions for which the answer can be heard or read during conference
presentations, and could promote your own area of interest, are
certainly possible, as long as they are original, surprising and not too

In short, we challenge you to submit questions to
INTERSPEECHquiz at isca-speech.org before June 1, 2005.

The INTERSPEECH2005 Science Quiz committee,

Rolf Carlson - Sweden
Julia Hirschberg - USA
Lin-Shan Lee - Taiwan
Michael Wagner - Australia
Isabel Trancoso - Portugal
Gerrit Bloothooft - The Netherlands, co-ordinator

INTERSPEECH2005 Science Quiz webaddress: www.interspeech2005.org/quiz

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