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I would like to ask you to put this
call for papers on age and gender issues in speech
for a special session at Interspeech 2005
on your site under calender of  events.
The start is September 4th, the deadline for papers April 8th

I add a doc version

Kind regards, Els den Os

Title:                            Gender and Age Issues in Speech and Language Research

Organiser:                   PF_STAR (FP5: Preparing Future Multisensorial Interaction Research), TC-STAR (Integrated Project on Technology and Corpora for Speech to Speech Translation; http://www.tc-star.org/) and CHIL (Integrated Project on Computers In the Human Interaction Loop; http://www.isl.ira.uka.de/chil)

Contact:                      Els den Os, Radboud University Nijmegen

(els.denos at mpi.nl), Lori Lamel, Limsi (lamel at limsi.fr), Martin Russell (m.j.russell at bham.ac.uk ), University of Birmingham

In applications of spoken language technology where optimal performance is a priority, it is important to take account of the speech and language characteristics of particular user groups.  For example, explicit techniques may be used to accommodate the differences between male and female speech, or to cope with the greater intra- and inter-speaker variability that typifies children's speech.  However, in many cases the techniques which are used are relatively ad hoc and treat gender or age related variability as a particular type of 'noise', rather than attempting to understand its underlying causes.

In this proposed special session we aim to focus on corpus-based speech and language research that deals with age and gender issues. We think that Interspeech offers an excellent opportunity for bringing together a large variety of interdisciplinary research on age gender issues in speech and language.

Not only technology aspects will be addressed, but also linguistic and sociolinguistic aspects related to age and gender. We are also interested in usability studies that account for age or gender preferences in automatic services. With the recent availability of large spoken language corpora in a variety of languages, including corpora of children's speech, there is an opportunity to carry out large scale studies in many areas.

Topics (suggested but not limited to):
-         Age and gender issues in speech and language corpora design and annotation

-         Age and gender issues in speech production (speaking style, pronunciation differences, hesitations, etc.)

-         Age and gender issues in speech perception and understanding

-         Age and gender issues in speech synthesis

-         Age and gender issues in acoustic modeling

-         Age and gender issues in language modeling

-         Age and gender issues in dialog modeling

-         Age and gender issues in speech to speech translation

-         Large-scale corpus-based studies

-         Age and gender issues in HLT applications and services

-         Usability studies to determine age and gender preferences

-         Special issues with children's speech: e.g. non-native children's speech, pronunciation scoring for children's speech

-         Sociolinguisitc and cultural aspects of children's, female and male speech

Paper submission
Papers for consideration for this special session should be submitted using the Interspeech 2005 web server (http://www.interspeech2005.org/papers/ ), using the same procedures as for regular sessions.  The submission deadline for the special session is the same as for regular sessions (April 8th).  The papers will be reviewed by the programme committee (see below).

Programme committee:
Martine Adda (Limsi)

Anton Batliner (University of Erlangen)

Mats Blomberg, (KTH)

Rolf Carlson (KTH)

Els den Os (Radboud University Nijmegen)

Maxine Eskenazi (Carnegie Speech)

Diego Giuliani (ITC-IRST)

Francesca Guerzoni (ITC-IRST)

Lori Lamel (Limsi)

Asuncion Moreno (UPC)

Shrikanth Narayanan, (USC)

Bryan Pellom, (University of Colorado)

Alexandros Potamianos (Technical University of Crete)

Martin Russell (University of Birmingham)

Jacques Terken (University of Eindhoven)

Organising committee:
Els den Os

Lori Lamel

Martin Russell

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