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Thu Jan 20 09:53:25 CET 2005

On August 10-15, 2005, the Nordic Network on Variation in Speech
Production and Speech Perception (VISPP) will organize an
international summer school on speech variation in Palmse, Estonia.

Tutors include four distinguished researchers who will offer lectures
and guided tutorials on different aspects of variability in speech
ranging from individual variation in typical and atypical (impaired)
speakers to models for parameterising speech patterns. The programme
also will include additional hands-on activities and student

Course list:

      Fiona Gibbon (Queen Margaret University College, UK):
      Speech production and pathologies: normal and disordered EPG data

      Valerie Hazan (University College London, UK):
      Issues of individual variability in speech production and/or
      perception in various populations (L1 and L2 speakers, children
      with dyslexia, children with hearing impairment)

      Anne-Marie Öster (KTH, Sweden):
      Pronunciation training in relation to variation in phonological
      capabilities for prelingually hearing-impaired children and L2
      speakers using several computer-based systems

      Martin Russell (University of Birmingham, UK):
      Engineering approaches to modelling variability in speech signals

One of the VISPP network's main goals is to establish contacts and
promote cooperation between researchers and Ph.D. students from
different countries and disciplines through workshops and courses. In
this spirit, the Summer School welcomes post-graduate students from
any country interested in the phenomena of spoken language variation
and motivated to engage in open-minded interdisciplinary learning.

Please visit the web site for detailed information:


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