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Steven Krauwer steven.krauwer at let.uu.nl
Tue Jan 25 15:36:40 CET 2005


You are cordially invited to attend the Conference "Stylistics
and Language Communication Theory" which will be held at Moscow
State Linguistic University on April 20-21, 2005. The Conference
will celebrate the 100th birthday anniversary of late Professor
Ilya R. Galperin, PhD (Linguistics), one of the leading experts
in linguistics.

The Conference is organized by AESTE (Association of English
Studies and Teaching of English) under the auspices of the Head
Organisation for Languages and Culture of CIS member-states. The
participants of the Conference include Russian and foreign
linguists, philologists, teachers, translators and interpreters.

The Conference will focus on the discussion of various stylistic
issues viewed from point of view of the linguistic communication
theory, cognitive studies, pragmatics and inter-cultural
communication. The participants will have an opportunity
- to study the new conceptual approaches to the teaching of
   foreign languages and cultures,
- to exchange their opinions, to share their experience,
- to discuss the future cooperation between the research and
   educational institutions of CIS member-states in the sphere of
   linguistic education.

The following areas are proposed for the discussion at the
1.   Stylistics and cognitive studies;
2.   Stylistics and pragmatics;
3.   Stylistics and discourse analysis;
4.   Stylistics and inter-cultural communication;
5.   Stylistics and lexicography.

Please submit your confirmation of participation and the abstract
of your paper no later than January 31, 2005 to the following
119992 Russia
Moscow GSP-2 Ostozhenka 38,
fax + 7 095 246 28 07 (please state on the fax
"For the attention of Mrs Tokareva N.D., the Conference")
or by e-mail to shleg at linguanet.ru.

The abstracts should meet the following technical requirements:
+ Length - no longer than 2 (two) A4 pages (21x27.9 cm);
+ Microsoft Word Document;
+ font - Times New Roman, 14 points, 1.5 spacing,
+ portrait layout,
+ RTF format.

Please provide at the beginning of the abstract the author's full
name, affiliation (full name and country of the institution),
title of the paper and at the end - contact address
(e-mail/telephone/fax number/postal address with ZIP code)

The abstract should be written in English.

The abstracts may be submitted via e-mail, by mail in printed
format to the above address or by mail on a floppy disc to the
above address.

The Organizational Committee reserves the right not to accept
abstracts which fail to meet the above technical requirements or
fall outside the thematic scope and programme of the Conference.

The working languages of the Conference are English and Russian.

The registration fee is 800 roubles.

All travelling and other expenses are to the account of the
participant. Foreign participants are requested to submit a copy
of their passport at the time they confirm their intention to
take part in the Conference for the visa support and specify the
consulate where they intend to apply for a visa. The passport
shall be valid for 18 months at the time of the Conference.

Additional information regarding the Conference and the terms of
participation is available at the University site at

Contact telephone is (7 - 095) 245 13 60

Organizing Committee

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