[Elsnet-list] K.U.Leuven/ESAT: speech recognition programmer and scientist

Patrick.Wambacq at esat.kuleuven.be Patrick.Wambacq at esat.kuleuven.be
Sat Jul 2 15:00:56 CEST 2005

             Speech Recognition Programmer & Scientist

                  at the ESAT/PSI SPEECH GROUP
             Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

A position is available for a speech recognition programmer and
scientist within the ESAT Speech Group.

Focus of the work will be on further implementation of our speech 
recognition software architecture and further optimization of the 
existing system. The work is situated on the edge of research and 
implementation. The candidate will also become responsible for 
supporting novice users of the software package. The position will be 
available from 1st of October 2005.

Candidates should have a degree in electrical engineering or computer 
science. Given the type of work, candidates should have programming 
experience on a UNIX or Windows platform using a higher level language 
such as C/C++/JAVA. Good communication skills will be an asset as 
well. Previous experience in speech recognition is not required, but 
definitely welcome.

The work will be carried out within the framework of several ongoing 
and future research projects. More details about the ESAT speech group 
can be found at the following website: 

Interested applicants should send their CV to the address below. 
Answers to applications will be given from the end of July on.

Prof. Patrick WAMBACQ
Kasteelpark Arenberg 10
3001 Heverlee

Patrick.Wambacq at esat.kuleuven.be

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