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Konstantinos Karatasos kkaratas at auth.gr
Mon Jul 11 18:23:40 CEST 2005

Please consider posting the following posts for 3 PhD scholarsips

Thnak you,

Dr. K. Karatasos

3 PhD studenships for GREEK candidates available from September 2005

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki,
Chemical Engineering Department,

Contact: Dr. K. Karatasos 
E-mail : kkaratas at auth.gr, karatas at eng.auth.gr

Candidates should send their CV till the end of August

In the frame of “PENED 2003” 
program funded by the Greek General Secretariat for Research and Technology
(duration : 3 years)
“Study of hyperbranched polymers  and their complexes with linear 
polyelectrolytes as
 solubility enhancement and controlled-release agents”

Titles of the theses:

1. "Thermodynamic study of solutions of hyperbranched polymers" (Theory-

Despite the strong interest attracted to dendrimer and hyperbranched systems,
 not only as drug-delivery agents but also as important constituents for a 
range of other applications, our current understanding of  their thermodynamic 
properties in solution is still limited. There is only segmented information 
which however suffices to indicate the complexity and the unique 
 of their behavior. In aqueous solutions such systems can play the role of a 
polyelectrolyte with a complicated thermodynamic behavior, which is intimately 
related to hydrogen-bonding phenomena or other solubility enhancement 
Target of this PhD thesis is to contribute to a better understanding of the 
behavior of polyelectrolyte solutions formed by these materials by means of a 
theoretical (based on the Quasi Chemical Hydrogen Bonding Theory - QCHB) and 

2."Study of the physical and chemical characteristics of hyperbranched polymer
   solutions and their complexes with linear polyelectrolytes by molecular 
   simulations" (Simulation)

The aim of this thesis is the molecular level examination of the mechanisms 
affect the solubility in aqueous solutions of hyperbranched polymers and their
complexes with linear polyelectrolytes, as well as the ability of these 
for adsorption/entrapment  and controlled-release  of polar molecules. 
Emphasis will 
be given to a detailed (atomistic) representation of the candidate systems in 
to allow as close a comparison with experiments as possible

3. Study of the viscoelastic and transport properties of polyelectrolytic 
   polymer solutions.  (Brownian Dynamics Simulation – Experiment)

Among the main properties that must be taken into account for the 
of a system to serve as a vehicle for drug (or other biological material) 
are the mechanical stability and the level of control of its transport 
Target of the 3rd thesis is the study of these properties by a combined effort 
computational (Brownian Dynamics simulations) and experimental techniques 

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