[Elsnet-list] 2nd International Workshop on Example-Based Machine Translation - At MT Summit X

Priscilla Rasmussen rasmusse at research.rutgers.edu
Tue Jul 26 00:53:44 CEST 2005

We are delighted to announce the list of accepted
papers which will be presented at the 2nd International
Workshop on Example-Based Machine Translation at the MT
Summit in Phuket, Thailand, on September 16th. The cost
of registering for this workshop is just $70. The accepted
papers are:

Toni Badia, Gemma Boleda,  Maite Melero and Antoni Oliver
        An n-gram approach to exploiting a monolingual corpus for Machine

Ralf Brown
        Context-Sensitive Retrieval for Example-Based Translation

Michael Carl, Paul Schmidt, and Jörg Schütz
        Reversible Template-based Shake & Bake Generation

Ilyas Cicekli
        Learning Translation Templates with Type Constraints

Etienne Denoual
        The influence of example-data homogeneity on EBMT quality

Peter Dirix, Ineke Schuurman, and Vincent Vandeghinste
        METIS-II: Example-based machine translation using monolingual
corpora - System

Takao Doi, Hirofumi Yamamoto, and Eiichiro Sumita
        Graph-based Retrieval for Example-based Machine Translation Using
Edit Distance

John Fry
        Assembling a parallel corpus from RSS news feeds

John Hutchins
        Towards a definition of example-based machine translation

Philippe Langlais, Fabrizio Gotti,  Didier Bourigault and Claude Coulombe
        EBMT by Tree-Phrasing: a Pilot Study

Yves Lepage and Etienne Denoual
        The  purest  EBMT system ever built: no variables, no templates,
no training,
examples, just examples, only examples

Stella Markantonatou, Sokratis Sofianopoulos, Vassiliki Spilioti,
Yiorgos Tambouratzis, Marina Vassiliou, Olga Yannoutsou, Nikos Ioannou
        Monolingual Corpus-based MT using Chunks

Arul Menezes and Chris Quirk
        Dependency Treelet Translation: The convergence of statistical and

Sara Morrissey and Andy Way
        An Example-Based Approach to Translating Sign Language

Michael Paul, Eiichiro Sumita and Seiichi Yamamoto
        A Machine Learning Approach to Hypotheses Selection of Greedy
Decoding for SMT

Diganta Saha and Sivaji Bandyopadhyay
        A Semantics-based English-Bengali EBMT System for translating News

Vincent Vandeghinste, Peter Dirix, and Ineke Schuurman
        Example-based Translation without Parallel Corpora: First
experiments on a prototype

In addition, we have planned a Panel Session which will debate
what the future holds for EBMT. We hope to see as many of you
there as possible to contribute to the success of our workshop.

Andy & Michael.

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