[Elsnet-list] Possible elimination of Linguistics BA in Spain

Valentin Sama Rojo vsama at die.upm.es
Wed Jun 1 10:26:23 CEST 2005

Possible elimination of Linguistics BA in Spain

We need your support to save Linguistics in Spain!

Linguistics is in danger of disappearing as an official BA degree in Spain, if the Spanish government adopts the proposal currently under discussion which
dramatically reduces the number of Bachelors Degrees in the humanities. In Spain, both the existence of a particular university degree and the core of
its curriculum are fixed by the government. Only a percentage of the curriculum, generally below 50%, can be shaped by the universities, as long as it
is authorized by the government. On the crude pretext of creating the European Space for Education by 2010, the Spanish government is considering eliminating
a number of BA degrees, among them, Linguistics.

Since 1994, Linguistics is recognized as a short-cycle BA degree: That means it is not a full four-year undergraduate program, but only takes up the last
two years of an undergraduate education. In addition, degrees in language(s) as such do not exist: The study of languages is considered to be part of either
a philological degree, along with the study of the literature of the language of your choice, or a degree in translation and interpreting, along with the
study of various other disciplines. To sum up, in Spain there is no such thing as a full four-year BA degree in linguistics or in a language (or languages)
and linguistics. Naturally, this situation is very uncommon in the European Union. But as has just been noted, it could become worse in the near future
since the official proposal now under discussion in Spain, rather than correcting our anomalous situation in the EU, eliminates the (short-cycle) degree
in linguistics that we now have.

In order to reverse this scientific nonsense, we have passed a manifesto around so that scholars and students in Spain can adhere to it. The manifesto is
available in Catalan, Spanish and english at
http://www.ub.edu/ling/manifest.htm http://www.ub.edu/ling/manifest.htm

If you feel strongly about this issue, please give us your support: We truly believe that it will contribute to the goal of saving linguistics in Spain.
Please copy this text in a word or .pdf format ADDING your name, affiliation and position below and forward it to either Joana Rosselló (
mailto:joana.rossello at ub.edu joana.rossello at ub.edu
head of the Department of General Linguistics at the Universitat de Barcelona, Àlex Alsina, from Universitat Pompeu Fabra (
mailto:alex.alsina at upf.edu alex.alsina at upf.edu
or M. Teresa Espinal, from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (
mailto:teresa.espinal at uab.es teresa.espinal at uab.es




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