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      2005 Australasian Language Technology Workshop (ALTW2005)
                     First Call for Papers

               University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia

                       10 and 11 December 2005
                  Submissions due: 15 September 2004
           Workshop contact email: workshop AT alta.asn.au


A two-day workshop on Natural Language Technology will be organised by
the Australasian Language Technology Association (ALTA).  This event
will be the third annual installment of the workshop in its
most-recent incarnation, and the continuation of an annual workshop
series that has existed under various guises since the early 90s.

It will be held in conjunction with a tutorial day, also at the
University of Sydney, on 9 December, 2005.

The goals of the workshop are:

    * to bring together the growing Language Technology (LT) community
      in Australia and New Zealand and encourage interactions;
    * to encourage interactions between this community and the
      international LT community;
    * to foster interaction between academic and industrial
    * to encourage dissemination of research results;
    * to provide a forum for the discussion of new and ongoing
      research and projects;
    * to provide an opportunity for the broader artificial
    * intelligence community to become aware of local LT research;
      and, finally,
    * to increase visibility of LT research in Australia, New Zealand
      and overseas. 

An innovation in this year's Australasian Language Technology Workshop
will be the introduction of poster presentations in addition to the
regular talks, in order to encourage more interactive discussion of
research-in-progress.  In this vein, we encourage submissions from
students describing their thesis work and any preliminary results.
Note that both publication types will have the same status in the


    * Ash Asudeh (University of Canterbury)
    * Eric Atwell (Leeds University)
    * Timothy Baldwin (University of Melbourne)
    * Steven Bird (University of Melbourne)
    * James Curran (Sydney University)
    * Walter Daelemans (University of Antwerp)
    * Robert Dale (Macquarie University)
    * Dominique Estival (Defence Science and Technology Organisation)
    * Dan Flickinger (Stanford University)
    * Tanja Gaustad (Appen)
    * Graeme Hirst (University of Toronto)
    * Ben Hutchinson (University of Edinburgh)
    * Jong-bok Kim (Kyung Hee University)
    * Alistair Knott (University of Otago)
    * Valia Kordoni (University of Saarland)
    * Hang Li (Microsoft Research)
    * Diana McCarthy (University of Sussex)
    * Diego Molla (Macquarie University)
    * Ajeet Parhar (Telstra Research Laboratories)
    * Cécile Paris (CSIRO ICT Centre)
    * Jon Patrick (University of Sydney)
    * David Powers (Flinders University)
    * Tony Smith (Waikato University)
    * Nicola Stokes (NICTA Victoria)
    * Takaaki Tanaka (NTT Communication Science Laboratories)
    * Aline Villavicencio (University of Essex)
    * Menno van Zaanen (Macquarie University)
    * Simon Zwarts (Macquarie University) 


    * Timothy Baldwin (University of Melbourne -- co-chair)
    * James Curran (University of Sydney -- local organiser)
    * Menno van Zaanen (Macquarie University -- co-chair) 


We invite the submission of papers on original and unpublished
research on all aspects of natural language processing, including, but
not limited to:

    * speech understanding and generation;
    * phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, and
    * interpreting and generating spoken and written language;
    * linguistic, mathematical, and psychological models of language;
    * language-oriented information extraction and retrieval;
    * corpus-based and statistical language modelling;
    * summarisation;
    * machine translation and translation aids;
    * natural language interfaces and dialogue systems;
    * natural language and multimodal systems;
    * message and narrative understanding systems;
    * evaluations of language systems;
    * computational lexicography. 

We welcome submissions on any topic that is of interest to the LT
community, and particularly encourage submissions that broaden the
scope of our community through the consideration of practical LT
applications and through multi-disciplinary research.


Submissions should follow the two-column format of the ACL proceedings
and should not exceed eight (8) pages, including references.  We
strongly recommend the use of ACL LaTeX style files or Microsoft Word
Style files tailored for this year's conference.  The style files and
example documents are available as a tarball on the homepage.  We
reserve the right to reject submissions that do not conform to these
styles including font and page size restrictions.

The preferred submission format is PDF.  If this introduces problems,
please contact the organisers beforehand.

If we cannot print your file by the submission date it will be
rejected without being reviewed.  Therefore you are encouraged to send
an early version with the typographical complexity of your final
intended version so that we can check it is printable.

The workshop will adopt a "single-blind" refereeing process: the
reviewers will be made aware of the identity of the authors of
submitted papers, but the identity of the reviewers will not be
revealed to the authors.  As such, all papers should include the full
authors' names and affiliations.  Note that this diverges from the
submission guidelines adopted for ACL conferences.


    * Paper submission:           15 September 2005
    * Notification of acceptance: 15 October 2005
    * Camera-ready copy:           1 November 2005
    * Workshop:                   10 - 11 December 2005 


A web page for ALTW2005 can be found on the ALTA web page:

You can contact the workshop organisers for further information:
workshop AT alta.asn.au

The Australasian Language Technology Workshop is being organised by
ALTA, the Australasian Language Technology Association. 

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