[Elsnet-list] Call for Papers Theoretical Aspects of Grammar Induction (TAGI)

Menno van Zaanen menno at ics.mq.edu.au
Wed Jun 8 01:29:59 CEST 2005

Dear colleagues,

this is to announce the workshop

Theoretical Aspects of Grammar Induction (TAGI)

to be held in Lauterbad close to Freudenstadt (Germany)
on the 26.9.2005.

This will be followed by a small series of tutorials on
Grammar Induction with special focus towards researchers
in formal language theory on the next day.
This is because on 28/29.9, in the same place there will be
a workshop on Formal Language Theory. Of course, it is ideal
to combine the participation of both events.

Please be invited to submit a contribution to TAGI.
(The area of interest should be clear by the workshop title.)

Contributions are due on 15.8.05.
More information can be found on the following website:
There, you can also find a special LATEX style.

Of course, you are also invited to participate without giving
a talk at the workshop. Please indicate your interest in the
event ASAP. The registration is open till 15.8.05. 
Please email at: theorietag at informatik.uni-tuebingen.de

We will arrange the concrete program after the 15. of August.

Best regards,

Henning Fernau

PS: Please circulate this announcement among your colleagues that might
be interested in the event.

PPS: Lauterbad is situated in the Black Forest and that area is inviting
you for having a walk at that time of the year. Please consider to show up
a bit earlier to spend a lovely time over the weekend in the Black Forest.
Freudenstadt well connected by public transport to the airports of Stuttgart
and of Karlsruhe (Baden-Airport); both airports are also served by those
cheap carriers. There is also a direct bus connection to Strasbourg.

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