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>CFP of Special Journal Issue on Applications Eligible for Data Mining
>Deadline of paper submission: 25th, November, 2005
>Advanced Engineering Informatics
>Call For Papers of
>Special Issue on Applications Eligible for Data Mining
>The scientific and industrial interests on data mining have grown 
>significantly in the last several years. Major international conferences 
>including SIGKDD, PKDD and ICDM have industrial sessions and 
>workshops, and many papers describing promising application results 
>have been presented. The conferences and journals dedicated to each 
>application domain such as finance, marketing, medicine, chemistry and 
>environment also indicate the growing number of data mining applications. 
>Many of these applications in various fields are now reaching practical 
>use. However, to our knowledge, any domain crossing publications 
>exist that focus on applications in which data mining is the unique or 
>best solution. . A special issue on application eligible for data mining 
>of Advanced Engineering Informatics will provide clarification of progress 
>and issues in addition to the promotion of wider data mining applications. 
>This special issue seeks papers that discuss useful data mining techniques 
>for various domains, their use of knowledge intensive representations 
>and methods, and that also emphasize significant techniques for future 
>study of data mining. The special issue specially seeks discussion of 
>computer applications that use data mining in support of Engineering.
>Review Criteria:
>Due to the mission of this special issue, the criteria of paper selection are 
>(1) significance of applications, 
>(2) essential necessity of data mining, 
>(3) technical presentation that emphasizes informatics and 
>knowledge intensive methods, and 
>(4) readability 
>rather than the technical originality.
>Important Schedule:
>(1) Deadline of paper submission: 25th, November, 2005
>(2) Paper Reviews, Judgments and Revisions: by June, 2006
>(3) Final Camera Ready: August, 2006
>Paper Format Required:
>The length of a paper is not restricted but preferably within 25 pages 
>in the format specified at "Guide for Authors " link in the following web page.
>LaTex style file information is available through the following link.
>Paper Submission:
>All papers should be submitted to the following e-mail address 
>in PDF format by the deadline. 
>To: washio at ar.sanken.osaka-u.ac.jp
>Please note "Submission to AEI: [Paper Title]" in the subject of 
>the e-mail attaching the paper PDF. If any e-mail reply of the 
>editor for the confirmation does not reach within three days 
>after the submission, please send an inquiry e-mail for the same address.
>Takashi Washio
>The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research
>(I.S.I.R), Osaka University
>8-1, Mihogaoka, Ibarakishi, Osaka 567-0047, Japan
>Phone : +81-6-6879-8541
>Fax   : +81-6-6879-8544
>E-mail: washio at ar.sanken.osaka-u.ac.jp 
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