[Elsnet-list] Workshop on Binding: Call for Participation

Antonio Branco Antonio.Branco at di.fc.ul.pt
Thu Jun 23 13:37:33 CEST 2005


University of Lisbon, 2005, August 22 	
hosted by the HPSG'2005 conference

** Deadline for early registration: June 30, 2005 **

Preliminary Program

	9.00 Welcome

9.15: The Interaction between Syntactic and Semantic Conditions on Reflexive
	Binding in Norwegian: Some Formal Consequences
	Lars Hellan (NTNU, Norway)

9.45: Event Structure and Binding
	Ekaterina Lyutikova and Sergei Tatevosov (Moscow State University, 	

	10.15-10.30 Coffee break (short)

10.30: On Binding Domains
	Martin Everaert(Utrecht University, Holand)

11.00: Phases and Binding Domains
	Réjean Canac-Marquis (Simon Fraser University, Canada)

	11.30-12.00 Coffee break (long)

12.00: Can Local Domain Reshuffling be an Alternative to Exemption?
	António Branco (University of Lisbon, Portugal)

12.30: Co-reference by Association: Georgian Reflexives In Subject Function in
	Special Contexts
	Nino Amiridze (Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS, Holland)

	13.00-15.00 Lunch break

15.00: Binding in Picture Noun Phrases: Implications for Binding Theory
	Jeffrey T. Runner and Elsi Kaiser (University of Rochester, USA)

15.30: Semantic Composition in Reflexivization
	Tohru Noguchi (Ochanomizu University, Japan)

	16.00-16.15 Coffee break (short)

16.15: Anaphoric Dependencies: How are They Encoded? Towards A Derivation-Based
	Eric Reuland (Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS, Holland)

16.45: Where are Restrictions on Binding Encoded? Pronominal Features, The
	Theory Of Chains and Verb Classes
	Volker Gast (Free University of Berlin, Germany)

	17.15-17.45 Coffee break (long)

17.45: What are Binding Principles Constraints on?
	Carl Pollard (Ohio State University, USA)

18.15: Verifying Binding Constraints for Anaphor Resolution
	Roland Stuckardt (Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt am Main,

	18.45 Farewell

Program Committee:

Pilar Barbosa (Univ of Minho)
António Branco (Univ of Lisbon, chair)
Réjean Canac-Marquis (Simon Fraser Univ)
Mary Dalrymple (Oxford Univ)
Martin Evearert (OTS)
Volker Gast (Free Univ of Berlin)
Lars Hellan (Norwegian Univ of Science and Technology)
Ehrard Hinrichs (Univ of Tuebingen)
Yan Huang (Univ of Reading)
Tibor Kiss (Ruhr Univ Bochum)
Frank Keller (Univ of Edinburgh)
Valia Kordoni (Univ of Saarland)
Maria Piñango (Yale Univ)
Carl Pollard (Ohio State Univ)
Janina Radó (Univ of Tuebingen)
Eric Reuland (OTS)
Jeffrey Runner (Univ of Rochester)
Ivan Sag (Stanford Univ)
Roland Stuckardt (J.W.Goethe Univ)
Ping Xue (Boeing Company)

Organization Committee:

António Branco (Lisbon) and Manfred Sailer (Tuebingen) (chairs)
Francisco Costa (Lisbon)
Filipe Nunes (Lisbon)

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