[Elsnet-list] invitation to contribute, Musicnetwork Open Workshop, Vienna july 2005

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Tue May 10 02:43:02 CEST 2005

Dear Elsnet List 

Due to popular demand, the contribuition submission deadline for 
the MUSICNETWORK open workshop has been extended to 30th May 2005 !

             ------- 5th Open Workshop of MUSICNETWORK -------

                           Vienna, 4-5th July

              Integration of Music in Multimedia Applications
                            CALL FOR PROPOSAL             

                 Deadline for submission: 30 May 2005

With the support of the European Commission, the MUSICNETWORK project
 has been created to explore the applications and integration of 
interactive multimedia technologies for Music, enabling inter- and 
trans-disciplinary collaborations and networking, bridging many 
important sectors, including cultural, commercial, industrial, 
research and academic. 

The theme of the 5th Open Workshop is the Integration of Music in 
Multimedia applications, including: music education, music management
 in libraries, entertainment, cognition and perception, multimedia 
standards, distribution and protection, business and transaction model,
 valorisation of cultural heritage, electronic consumer applications,
 mobile applications for education and entertainment and others.


The 5th Open Workshop is structured around the following sessions. 

-- Applications and Technical papers. Chairs: Andrea Khol (MICA, 
khol at mica.at), Francesco Spadoni (RIGEL, spadoni at rigel.li.it). This 
session focuses on end-user applications and/or innovative technologies,
 particularly on current applications, case-studies, applications 
scenarios, latest development, as well as future directions, innovative
 technologies. Proposals on Industrial presentations of music applications
 or expert/research papers are welcome. 

-- MPEG SMR, Symbolic Music Representation, State of the art report. 
Chairs: Paolo Nesi (DSI, nesi at dsi.unifi.it) and Giorgio Zoia (EPFL, 
Giorgio.Zoia at epfl.ch). The idea of this section is to provide support
 to industries and groups that intent to exploit the MPEG SMR 
Technology http://www.interactivemusicnetwork.org/mpeg-ahg/

-- Imaging and Interactivity session. Chairs: Kia Ng (ICSRiM – University 
of Leeds, kia at comp.leeds.ac.uk) and David Crombie (FNB, dcrombie at fnb.nl).
 The main focus of this session is to explore interactive and imaging 
technologies for music and edutainment. Key topics include (but not
 limited to): interactive music scores, score following, rendering, 
virtual and augmented music instruments for easy access to music making,
 scientific data visualization for music, and music imaging including 
optical music recognition, digitiSation, and preservation.

-- Exposition Area, Demonstrations and papers. Chairs: Giuseppe Nicotra
 (ARCA, nicotra at dodiesis.com), Michel Girer (LISTESSO, info at listesso.com).
 This session welcome exposition proposals on all the topics of the 
previous section. Proposals may be related to commercial products or 
Research Results ready to be exploitable from the industry. The proposals
 have to be provided by submitting a description of the application tool, 
or submitting a CD or by allowing a download from a WWW site. The 
proposal has to include a description of the space and resources required
 to present the demonstration (e.g. tables, power, poster space, time, 
etc.), the names of the person/people that will present the application,
 their short biography (10 lines), and the material that will be made 
available for the attendees of the exposition.

-- Tutorials/Survey on Music/Multimedia Technologies. Chairs: Jerome 
Barthelemy (IRCAM, Jerome.Barthelemy at ircam.fr), Nicola Mitolo (DSI, 
mitolo at dsi.unifi.it). For this section, we welcome tutorial and review 
proposals. Proposal must provide a short description of the Tutorial/Survey
 describing the state of the art of a sector or of a specific technology 
and discuss the context of the tutorial and a short biography (20 lines)
 of the speaker. Please confirm if the tutorial has been presented elsewhere,
 the duration of the tutorial, the number of slides, the technical support 
needed, etc.

FREE registration is available via the WWW site of the MUSICNETWORK: http://www.interactivemusicnetwork.org/events/nuova_prenotazione.php?evento_id=38

Different types of contributions are welcome:
• Tutorials/Surveys (4 to 8 pages of proposal)
• Application and Technical Papers (2 to 10 pages)
• Exposition and Demonstrations (1 page summary)
• MPEG SMR Symbolic Music Representation: (2 pages summary)

Important Dates: 
• Submission Deadline: 30 May 2005
• Notification of acceptance: 10 June 2005
• Full paper submission: 15 June 2005
• Workshop: 4th–5th July 2005


Please also note that the CFP for indutrial presentations at
 AXMEDIS 2005 conference is still open:
Send an email to:
Paolo NesiL: Nesi at dsi.unifi.it or to 
Kia Ng: k.c.ng at leeds.ac.uk


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