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Osmar R. Zaiane zaiane at cs.ualberta.ca
Fri May 13 23:09:25 CEST 2005

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   WebKDD 2005 - Taming Evolving, Expanding and Multi-faceted Web Clickstreams

                       August 21, 2005, Chicago, Illinois
                                CALL FOR PAPERS 

                 At the 11th ACM SIGKDD International Conference on 
                   Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD 2005) 
                       August 22-24, 2005, Chicago, Illinois

Important Dates 
o June 6, 2005:    Electronic submission of full papers & abstracts 
o June 27, 2005:   Author notification 
o July 11, 2005:   Submission of Camera-ready papers 
o August 21, 2005: Workshop in Chicago, Illinois 

Workshop Topics 
WebKDD '05 calls for contributions related to data mining of Web log
data, site information, document contents, web semantics, user records
and preferences, for the exploitation of the mining results for user
profiling, user modeling and for building intelligent Web
applications. Web access patterns tend to be very dynamic in nature,
due not only to the dynamics of Web site content and structure, but
also to changes in the user's interests, and thus their navigation
patterns. Furthermore, the inherent and increasing heterogeneity of
the Web has required Web-based applications to more effectively
integrate a variety of types of data across multiple channels and from
different sources such as content, structure, and more recently,
semantics. A focus on techniques and architectures for more effective
exploitation and mining of such multi-faceted data is likely to lead
to the next generation of more useful and more intelligent
applications. Emphasis will also be placed on mining massive and
evolving Web clickstreams within a stream mining framework, and
enhancing Web usage mining using additional information
Interesting contributions will include the following subjects:  

Web Usage Mining and Web Analytics: 

- Web mining over dynamic and volatile Web sites
- Web mining over drifting usage and user data
- Modeling, understanding and explaining change in web usage
- Incorporating semantics into the analysis of the volatile Web
- Designing metrics for the volatile Web

Web content and structure mining:

- Wrapper generation and information extraction for volatile Web sites
- Adaptive Web content mining for Web documents and multimedia contents
- Extracting meta-information for a volatile Semantic Web	
- Integration of Web content, usage, and structure data for Web mining

Enabling technologies: 

- Mining evolving Web data streams
- Data warehousing (both web and non-web data)
- Data collection and preparation
- Multi-relational data mining applied to Web mining
- Scalable techniques for clustering Web data
- Data visualization techniques
- Knowledge Management in Web mining

Modeling users and usage:

- Generating and updating profiles from implicit or explicit user preferences
- Discovering misuse and fraud
- Personalized taxonomies or ontologies (for individuals or user communities)
- Alert and information filtering systems 
- Cognitive models for Web navigation and e-commerce interactions


- Recommendation and personalization systems over a volatile Web
- Identifying communities in collaborative platforms, fora and marketplaces
- Analyzing usage and user behavior in fora, marketplaces and portals
- Detecting patterns of malicious behavior and privacy threats
- Adaptability in site/user interaction

Paper Submission 
All submissions must be made electronically on 
http://db.cs.ualberta.ca/webkdd05/MyReview/  and must adhere to formatting 
instructions, including Latex templates and sample source files on
on http://db.cs.ualberta.ca/webkdd05/authors.html.

Papers should be no longer than 12 single-column, single-spaced pages
(or 5,000 words) inclusive of all references and figures. All papers
must be submitted in either PDF (preferred) or postscript. Please
ensure that any special fonts used are included in the submitted
documents. All papers must be original, and have not been published
elsewhere. For more information about formatting your paper and a
sample, please see http://db.cs.ualberta.ca/webkdd05/webkddsample.pdf 

The workshop proceedings are distributed to the SIGKDD'05 attendees
who register for the workshop. Note that registration for the workshop
is free to the conference attendees. 

Authors of accepted papers will be invited to submit a full 
version of their accepted papers to be published as a chapter in an
edited book to be published by Springer-Verlag after a second round of

Important Dates (adjusted to fit other KDD workshops)
o June 6, 2005:    Electronic submission of full papers & abstracts 
o June 27, 2005:   Author notification 
o July 11, 2005:   Submission of Camera-ready papers 
o August 21, 2005: Workshop in Chicago, Illinois 

Co-Chairs of WebKDD'05: 
Taming Evolving, Expanding and Multi-faceted Web Clickstreams

Olfa Nasraoui,	 	University of Louisville, USA
Osmar Zaïane, 		University of Alberta, Canada
Myra Spiliopoulou, 	Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg, Germany
Bamshad Mobasher, 	DePaul University, USA
Philip Yu, 		IBM T. J. Watson, USA
Brij Masand, 		Data Miners, Inc., USA

Program Committee of WebKDD'05: 
Taming Evolving, Expanding and Multi-faceted Web Clickstreams

Charu Aggarwal 		IBM T. J. Watson
Sarabjot S. Anand   	University of  Warwick
Jonathan Becher     	Pilot Software        
Bettina Berendt     	HU Berlin                        
Ed Chi              	Xerox PARC
Robert Cooley       	KXEN
Wei Fan			IBM T. J. Watson
Wolfgang Gaul		University of Karlsruhe                    
Joydeep Ghosh       	University of Texas                   
Marco Gori		University of Siena, Italy
Fabio Grandi 		University of Bologna                 
Dimitrios Gunopulos	University of California, Riverside
Raghu Krishnapuram 	IBM India 
Ravi Kumar		IBM Almaden
Vipin Kumar         	AHPCRC-U. of Minnesota   
Mark Levene 		Birkbeck University of London
Ee-Peng Lim		Nanyang Tech. University
Bing Liu		University of Illinois at Chicago
Huan Liu		Arizona State University
Stefano Lonardi  	University of California, Riverside
George Karypis		University of Minnesota
Sanjay Kumar Madria 	University of Missouri-Rolla
Rajeev Motwani		Stanford University
Alex Nanopoulos		Aristotle University, Greece
Ernestina Menasalvas	Univ. Polytecnica Madrid, Spain
Dunja Mladenic		J. Stefan Institute, Slovenia
Jian Pei            	Simon Fraser University, Canada
Rajeev Rastogi      	Bell Labs/Lucent                 
John Roddick		Flinders University
Jing Shyr		SPSS
Ramakrishnan Srikant	IBM Almaden
Jaideep Srivastava 	University of Minnesota
Mohammed Zaki       	Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 

For additional information, please visit the Workshop Web site at:

For inquiries, please contact Olfa Nasraoui and Osmar Zaiane at:
webkdd05 @ cs . ualberta . ca


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