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      SloFon 1: 1st Slovene International
             Phonetic Conference

     Ljubljana, Slovenia, 20--22 April 2006


Internet address: http://slofon.zrc-sazu.si
E-mail address: slofon at zrc-sazu.si

General Information

The SloFon 1 conference is the first scientific
meeting of phoneticians in Slovenia and will take
place from 20th to 22nd April 2006 in Ljubljana,
Slovenia. It is organized by the Scientific Research
Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Arts and Sciences
and the Fran Ramovs Institute of Slovenian Language.

We welcome both Slovene and foreign phoneticians,
language technologists, and other linguists to
participate in this event. The main goal of the
conference is to promote research in phonetics
and related disciplines in Slovenia and in the
wider region. Although the primary focus of the
conference is the phonetics of Slovenian, more
general discussions are also welcome. The names
of the invited speakers will be announced in the
course of 2005.


SloFon 1 covers an extensive field of phonetics
and related sciences:

1. phonetics of Slovene - experimental phonetic
research in Standard Slovene, acoustic, articulatory
and auditory phonetics, experimental phonetic
research in dialects and non-standard speech

2. phonetic and phonological contrastive studies -
Slovene vs. foreign language contrastive analyses
(phonetic, phonological, morphonological etc.),
standard vs. non-standard contrastive analysis
(phonetic, phonological, morphonological etc.),
Slovene as L2

3. contemporary trends in phonetics/phonology -
generative phonology, postgenerative phonological
schools, natural phonology, metrical stress theory,
autosegmental phonology, optimality theory, speech
perception, psychophonetics, sociophonetics, speech
and text analysis, voice analysis

4. phonetics and language technologies - speech corpora,
linguistic corpora and phonetics/phonology, speech
recognition and synthesis

5. interdisciplinary studies - logopedics, phoniatrics,
rhetoric and speech techniques, forensic phonetics

6. other areas of phonetics and phonology

Call for Abstracts

Abstracts should be submitted in both English and Slovene,
or at least in one of the two languages, and should be
from 1000 to 1500 characters long, including spaces.
(For technical information see conference webpage at
http://slofon.zrc-sazu.si). Submitted and accepted
abstracts will be published in the book of abstracts.
Oral presentation will be of the standard format of
20 minutes followed by 10 minutes discussion.

Abstracts should be sent by 15th November 2005 via email
(slofon at zrc-sazu.si) or via regular mail to the following
address (please, submit electronic version as well):

ZRC SAZU, Inštitut za slovenski jezik Frana Ramovša
Novi trg 2
P. p. 306
SI-1001 Ljubljana

Important Dates

15.11.2005 - abstracts submission
01.02.2006 - abstracts acceptance/rejection
10.02.2006 - early registration (reduced fee)
01.03.2006 - submission of final versions of abstracts
15.03. 2006 - registration
20.04. 2006 - the conference

Registration Fee

The registration fee is 80 EUR (or 20,000 SIT). The
reduced fee (payable by 20th February 2006 at the latest)
is 60 EUR (or 15,000 SIT). The student fee is 20 EUR
(or 5,000 SIT), and a written certificate of student
status by the mentor or the faculty is required.


Organizing Committee

Peter Jurgec (SRC SASA, Ljubljana),
Hotimir Tivadar, M. A. (Faculty of Arts, Ljubljana),
Dr. Primoz Vitez (Faculty of Arts, Ljubljana),
Dr. Melita Zemljak Jontes (Faculty of Education, Maribor),
Dr. Andreja Zele (SRC SASA, Ljubljana),
Dr. Jerneja Zganec Gros (Alpineon, Ljubljana)

International Scientific Committee

Dr. Simon Dobrisek (Faculty of El.Engineering, Ljubljana),
Peter Jurgec (SRC SASA, Ljubljana),
Prof. Dr. Zdravko Kacic (Faculty of Electrical
Engineering and Computer Science, Maribor),
Prof. Dr. Smiljana Komar (Faculty of Arts, Ljubljana),
Prof. Dr. Simona Kranjc (Faculty of Arts, Ljubljana),
Prof. Dr. Vesna Mildner (Faculty of Arts, Zagreb),
Dr. Vladimir Nartnik (SRC SASA, Ljubljana)
Prof. Dr. Zdena Palkova (Insitute of Phonetics, Prague),
Prof. Dr. Irena Sawicka (Institute of Slavic Languages, Torun)
Prof. Dr. Rastislav Sustarsic (Faculty of Arts, Ljubljana),
Hotimir Tivadar, M. A. (Faculty of Arts, Ljubljana),
Dr. Primoz Vitez (Faculty of Arts, Ljubljana),
Dr. Melita Zemljak Jontes (Faculty of Education, Maribor),
Dr. Jerneja Zganec Gros (Alpineon, Ljubljana)

Further Information

Further information is available on SloFon 1 webpage:
http://slofon.zrc-sazu.si, or by conference e-mail:
slofon at zrc-sazu.si.

Dr. Jerneja Zganec Gros
Alpineon d.o.o.
Ulica Iga Grudna 15
SI-1000 Ljubljana
 tel +386 1 423 94 40
 fax +386 1 423 94 45
 mob +386 41 76 52 49
 e-mail jerneja at alpineon.com

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