[Elsnet-list] Free access to Inttranews Archives for linguists

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Mon Nov 7 12:03:26 CET 2005

Inttranews, the leading wire service for the global language industry,
now provides free access to its Archives for linguists

Rouen, France (for immediate release): Since the launch in October 2004
of Inttranews, the leading wire service for the global language
industry, excerpts from more than 7,500 articles have been published on
events and issues of interest or concern to linguists worldwide.

These archives are an extremely valuable source of information for
linguists, journalists, students and academic staff, as a research tool
for articles, study papers or theses, as background data for marketing,
for media and market surveys, and for business involving the language
industry in general.

Until today, however, to make downloading as fast as possible, only the
last 10 days of articles were displayed on the site. Now with Inttranews
Archives, readers have access free of charge to all the articles
on-line, with searches by keyword.

On average, 30 new articles are published each working day in the two
language versions currently available (English and French). The articles
are different in, and specific to each language version.

To use Inttranews Archives, please visit www.inttranews.net and click on
the 'Archives' link in the left-hand menu.

News, not noise

The quality of Inttranews is that it combines state-of-the-art
information and communication technology with human editors, so that
content is dedicated to readers' interests, unlike automated news

As a result, more than 10,000 linguists read Inttranews each month in
international institutions, university departments, professional
associations, translation services and companies, as well as salaried
and freelance interpreters and translators in more than 40 countries.

The service has been syndicated by institutions such as the
International Federation of Translators (FIT) [www.fit-ift.org],
representing more than 100,000 interpreters and translators in 60
countries, and by the European Union of Associations of Translation
Companies (EUATC) [www.euatc.org], representing more than 500
translation companies in 20 countries.

Inttranews is one of a range of products for the global language
industry designed and developed by HTT (www.htt.fr), an ISO 9001
(v2000)-certified translation company specialized in high technology
located in Rouen, France. Founded in 1987, its customer base comprises
international institutions and multinational companies, particularly in
aeronautics, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering and
Other products designed and developed by HTT include the multilingual
Inttranet portal (www.inttra.net) with a complete range of services for
professional interpreters and translators, and Terminall, an ISO
12616-compliant multilingual terminology database, capable of storing,
managing and displaying any language combination of search and target terms.

HTT s.a.
216, route de Neufchâtel,
76420 Bihorel, France
  Plc with a capital of EUR 100,000.

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