[Elsnet-list] Programme AXMEDIS2005 Int.Conf. Production Protection of Cross Media Content

AXMEDIS Conference disita at oboe.dsi.unifi.it
Tue Nov 8 16:18:42 CET 2005

Dear Elsnet List 

You are cordially invited to AXMEDIS 2005 International Conference, 
30 Nov - 2 Dec 2005, Florence, Italy. 
AXMEDIS is significant and exciting event on cross-media, production GRID, content 
protection, license interoperability, terminals, digital media, P2P, DRM
(digital rights management), MPEG-21, multi-channel delivery, content
modelling, security and distribution, legal aspects, accessibility,
business models, transaction models, multimedia music, workflow, and many 
more... http://www.AXMEDIS.org/axmedis2005 

At the Conference, the AXMEDIS FP6 IP project of European Commission Consortium
will announce the launch of a Call for a One Million Euro “Take-Up” 
Actions/projects for all interested commercial companies and research 
AXMEDIS specificiation is fully accessible at:

Conference programme includes:
* keynote presentation by Leonardo Chiariglione (www.chiariglione.org)
* many cutting edge research, scientific and technical presentations
* state-of-the-art industrial presentations 
* workshops, tutorials and panels including those of:
  -- AFI on Legal aspects of digital content business and collecting societies 
  -- Virtual Goods on business models 
  -- EUAIN on content and music accessibility.
* Tutorial on MPEG-21
* Tutorial on AXMEDIS technologies

This event is supported by all the above mentioned institutions, the 
MUSICNETWORK http://www.interactivemusicnetwork.org/ , 
and the European Commission.

For registration, please see

Hope to see you there!

Best wishes,
Paolo Nesi, Kia Ng and Jaime Delgado

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