[Elsnet-list] wraetlic tools

Enrique Alfonseca enrique at lr.pi.titech.ac.jp
Thu Nov 10 09:49:49 CET 2005

Dear list members,

We are pleased to announce that the second release of the wraetlic tools 
has recently
been published in the web at:


It is a suite of tools that include:

* For English: tokenisation, sentence splitting, PoS tagging,
 stemming, chunking, NE recognition, word sense disambiguation,
 and simple partial parsing and headline generation.

* For Spanish: tokenisation, sentence splitting, PoS tagging
 (C-ORAL-ROM tags) and chunking.

It has been developed along the last five years, with contributions from 
the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (Computer Science and Linguistics 
departments), the Universidad de Granada and the University of York.

On behalf of the contributors,

Enrique Alfonseca
Visiting Researcher
Tokyo Institute of Technology

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