[Elsnet-list] Request for job offer announcement

Wolfgang Minker wolfgang.minker at uni-ulm.de
Thu Nov 17 13:55:42 CET 2005

Could you please advertise the follwoing job offer?

Thanks a lot and best regards

Please advertise the following position:

Abteilung Informationstechnik
Fakultät für Ingenieurwissenschaften
Universität Ulm

The Dialogue Systems Group in the Department of Engineering Sciences,
University of Ulm (http://it.e-technik.uni-ulm.de/World/Research.DS/) is
seeking a researcher at MSc level (Computer Science) to work on aspects
of Automatic Evaluation of Multimodal Spoken Language Dialogue Systems
in close cooperation with our industry partner 3SOFT GmbH, Erlangen

In order to design well-accepted user-friendly multimodal spoken
language dialogue systems their evaluation - ideally performed already
at early design stages - is inevitable. However, there is no common
agreement on the criteria to be satisfied for a "good" system design.
One major goal of the work will be to determine such criteria and to
implement them in a dialogue system as well as in a tool for evaluation
and usability testing.

The research task involves:
- the design and development of a multimodal spoken language dialogue
system making use of state-of-the-art infotainment systems technology
- the design of an architecture for an evaluation tool that should be
able to
   * perform objective evaluations of multimodal spoken language systems
   * test the defined criteria in systems for different application
     domains (but with a particular focus on the automotive area) as well
     as for different types of systems (e.g. command and control vs.
     natural language input)
   * perform an appropriate logging and visualization of the relevant
   * automatically generate test cases for a given specification of a
     multimodal spoken language dialogue system that allow its evaluation
     in preparation for the production process

Perspective: PhD Thesis.

Requirements: Good programming skills in C, C++, Perl, Java, JavaScript,
expertise in speech and dialogue technologies and good German language
skills are mandatory; knowledge in usability engineering for automotive
applications and in embedded systems technology would also be appreciated.

The candidate will primarily work at 3SOFT GmbH, Erlangen. The
appointment (BAT IIa/2) has an initial fixed duration of up to 24
months, with an opportunity for continuation.

Candidates should send their application by December 31, 2005
electronically to wolfgang.minker at e-technik.uni-ulm.de and to
Silke.Goronzy at 3SOFT.de. The application should include a short resume
and a transcript of records with the results of exams relevant to the
Diploma/MSc Degree. A pdf-version of the Diploma/MSc Thesis may also be

Wolfgang Minker
University of Ulm
Department of Information Technology
Albert-Einstein-Allee 43
D-89081 Ulm
Phone: +49 731 502 6254/-6251
Fax:   +49 691 330 3925516

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