[Elsnet-list] Boston: Association for Machine Translation in the Americas (AMTA 2006) -- Call for Tutorials and Workshops

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Thu Apr 6 00:02:36 CEST 2006

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                2006 Conference of the
  Association for Machine Translation in the Americas 
                     (AMTA 2006)

           Boston Marriott, Cambridge, MA


Call for Tutorials
Deadline: April 24, 2006

We welcome your proposals and ideas for the Tutorial Program at AMTA
2006! Tutorials will be held on Tuesday, August 8, 2006, the day
before the main conference begins.

Tutorials at AMTA conferences are forums in which the unique
perspectives of stakeholder groups can be shared with members of the
MT community at large. Translators, translation managers,
technologists, information analysts, system developers, research
scientists and MT watchers in general come together around the common
goal of encouraging the enhancement of meaning transfer across

Participants learn how issues are being addressed. Issues might
include new media, unique data challenges, technological advances,
input degradation from character or speech recognition, the
incorporation of novel computational processes, the variety of
currently available approaches to evaluation and more. Topics are
presented in an accessible and understandable manner, one which
provides for interactive Q&A. In other words, tutorials  provide
valuable information that helps attendees get more out of the

We ask that tutorials be of interest to a broad audience.

Send a title and brief description of the proposed tutorial's topic
and content, including a short outline of the presentation or
interactive activity, showing that the content can be covered in three
hours. Be sure to include technical requirements and the professional
expertise of the organizers of the tutorial.

The deadline for proposing tutorials is April 24th.

Contact: Michelle Vanni <mvanni at gmail.com>

Tutorials Solicited: 
    * Presentations on practical concerns of managers, technologists
    and IP professionals
    * Technical tutorials on high-interest, leading-edge R&D topics
    * Introductory, overview and "lessons learned" tutorials

If you have an idea but are new to the process of proposing tutorials,
please contact us. We can perhaps assist you in developing your idea.

Call for Workshops

Deadline: April 24, 2006

Proposals for Workshops at AMTA 2006 are now being solicited.

Workshops will be held on Saturday, August 12, 2006 the day after the
main conference ends. 

Special interest groups looking for an opportunity to present recent
work related to MT may want to organize a workshop at AMTA 2006. 

Developers, evaluators, researchers and IP specialists are engaged in
the process of understanding better the effects of specific approaches
to the refinement of sense rendering. Workshops are often successfully
organized around these approaches. The incorporation of named-entity
extraction, ontology-based semantic representation and domain-specific
dictionaries are but a few of the many possible examples. Such
workshops provide an opportunity for increasing awareness of new work
in a given approach or technique of interest.

Submissions should be made to Michelle Vanni mvanni at gmail.com by April
24th. They should include the title of the workshop, a proposed
schedule (e.g. call for papers, recruitment of speakers), workshop
activities (papers, hand- on activities, shared tasks), technical
requirements, the expected number of participants, and whether this is
an ongoing or new workshop.

If you have an idea but are new to the process of proposing a
workshop, please contact us. We can perhaps assist you with developing
your idea.

Contact: Michelle Vanni <mvanni at gmail.com>

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