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          Eighth International Workshop on
          Deontic Logic in Computer Science

          Special Topic: Artificial Normative Systems

          Utrecht, The Netherlands
          12, 13, and 14 July 2006


   Early registration deadline: June 1st, 2006

The biennial DEON workshops are designed to promote cooperation among 
scholars across disciplines who are interested in deontic logic and its 
use in computer science. These workshops traditionally support research 
linking the formal-logical study of normative concepts and normative 
systems with computer science, artificial intelligence, philosophy, 
organisation theory and law. In addition to these general themes, 
DEON2006 features a special topic

  Artificial Normative Systems

There have been seven previous DEON workshops: Amsterdam (1991), Oslo 
(1994), Sesimbra (1996), Bologna (1998), Toulouse (2000), London (2002), 
and Madeira (2004). Selected papers from each of these workshops have 
been published internationally.

The eighth DEON workshop will be held in Utrecht, the fourth largest 
city of the Netherlands, organised by the Department of Information and 
Computing Sciences of Utrecht University. The conference venue is 
located at the heart of Utrecht's attractive historic centre.

- Jose Carmo (Madeira)
- Frank Dignum (Utrecht)
- Paolo Petta (Vienna)

A list of accepted papers can be found at 

The early registration deadline is June 1st, 2006. An online 
registration form and local and travel information can be found on our 
workshop website at http://www.cs.uu.nl/deon2006/.

We have secured limited availability of rooms against reduced rates with 
three hotels, on a first-come, first-serve basis, to be booked before 
May 1st or June 1st (2x). Information on these and other hotels is 
available on our workshop website. We advise you to book your room as 
soon as possible, since hotels in Utrecht tend to be fully booked during 
summer time.

 - 1 June 2006: early registration deadline
 - 12-14 July 2006: The Workshop

The workshop is sponsored by
- SIKS (Dutch Research School of Information and Knowledge Systems),
- JURIX (Dutch Foundation for Legal Knowledge and Information Systems),
- BNVKI (Belgian-Dutch Association for AI),
- NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research),
- KNAW (The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences),
- Faculty of Science, Universiteit Utrecht
- Department of Information and Computing Sciences, Universiteit Utrecht
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