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Jadertina Summer School in Empirical and Computational Linguistics

Time: 11.-22. September, 2006
Location: University of Zadar, Croatia

The University of Zadar, the Institute of Croatian Language and  
Linguistics, The Croatian Language Technologies Society (HDJT), in  
cooperation with the Computational Linguistics Section of the German  
Linguistics Society (DGfS), and the University of Potsdam, are  
pleased to sponsor the first Jadertina Summer School in Empirical and  
Computational Linguistics held in Zadar, Croatia, focusing on the  
topic of empirical and computational linguistics.

Courses will be offered at absolute beginners level, as well as at  
the advanced, or PhD level.

Courses offered (tentative schedule):

Introduction to Field-methods
Dunja Brozovic Roncevic, IHJJ

Bidirectional Phonology and Phonetics and its Acquisition
Paul Boersma, University of Amsterdam

Perception in Phonology
Małgorzata E. Cavar, University of Zadar

Introduction to Scheme/Python in Computational Linguistics
Damir Cavar, University of Zadar, Indiana University, IHJJ

Human-Computer Interaction for Multimodal Speech/Gesture Systems with
emphasis on Embodied Conversational Characters
Andrea Corradini, University of Potsdam

Phonology-morphology Interface
Tracy Alan Hall, Indiana University

Sound Change
Silke Hamann, ZAS, Berlin, Germany

Computational Models of Language Evolution
Gerhard Jaeger, University of Bielefeld

Introduction to Computational Semantics
Ralf Klabunde, University of Bochum

Formal Models in Computational Linguistics
Marcus Kracht, UCLA

Finite State Technologies
Thomas Hanneforth, University of Potsdam

Computational Models of Language Acquisition
William G. Sakas, CUNY

The Structure of Fixed Linguistic Formula, Statistical and Corpus  
Danica Skara, University of Zadar

Introduction to Corpus Linguistics
Marko Tadic, University of Zagreb

Text-oriented applications of Computational Linguistics
Andreas Witt, University of Tuebingen

All courses are offered as one or two week courses with 1.5 hours daily.

For each two-week course the students will receive 4 ECTS points, for  
each one-week course the students will receive 2 ECTS points, after  
finishing the requirements as specified for each course. Recognition  
of ECTS points depends on each individual University. Please contact  
the administration of your University for requirements and  
prerequisites, and let the summer school administration know about  
your particular requirements and prerequisites.

The summer school is accompanied by a students conference. Registered  
students will have an opportunity to present a reviewed paper at the  
conference, that might be published after positive review in the  
Jadertina Workingpapers online and printed. See: http://eng.unizd.hr/ 

Organizing Committee:

Dunja Brozovic Roncevic (IHJJ)
Miriam Butt (University of Konstanz)
Damir Cavar (University of Zadar; Indiana University; IHJJ)
Malgorzata Cavar (University of Zadar)
Alexander Geyken (BBAW, Germany)
Thomas Hanneforth (University of Potsdam)
Ivo-Pavao Jazbec (IHJJ)
Ralf Klabunde (University of Bochum)
Marcus Kracht (UCLA, USA)
Jonas Kuhn (University of Texas)
William G. Sakas (CUNY)
Danica Skara (University of Zadar)
Tomislav Stojanov (IHJJ)
Marko Tadic (University of Zagreb)

Registration and accommodation:

Main contact address: lss2006 at unizd.hr

For accommodation reservation please contact the organizing committee  
at the email address above.

Detailed instructions on registration can be found on this web page  

Early registration fee (till 30th of April 2006):
150 EURO for the complete summer school.

Sponsoring and supporting institutions:
University of Zadar
Croatian Ministry of Science, Education, and Sports
Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics (IHJJ), Zagreb
Croatian Language Technologies Society (HDJT)
Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Sprachwissenschaft, Sektion CL (DGfS)

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