[Elsnet-list] Portuguese Lexicographer at SYSTRAN

Bianka BUSCHBECK buschbeck at systran.fr
Mon Dec 4 11:18:54 CET 2006

Lexicographer – Portuguese at SYSTRAN
    Reference: BB_LD_PTLX_200625
    Department: Linguistic Resources
    Location: PARIS La Défense, FRANCE
 <http://www.systran.fr/index.html>     www.systran.fr/index.html
Development of Portuguese Machine Translation dictionaries
*	Dictionary coding and maintenance for Portuguese language pairs
*	Corpus-based work on dictionary extension
*	Review of translation quality, error analysis and resolution
*	Testing and documentation of the results of dictionary updates
*	Improvement of Portuguese resources for automatic dictionary coding 
*	Linguistic support for client projects involving Portuguese
*	Native competence of Portuguese and high fluency in English and
*	Profound knowledge of computational lexicography and NLP in general
*	Strong skills in Portuguese, English and French morphology and
*	Familiarity with a Linux environment, Perl and scripting languages 
*	Strong communication skills and ability to work in a team
M.A. or B.A. in Computational Linguistics, Linguistics or Translation
Studies, and 2+ years experience in an industrial or academic NLP

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