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Dear colleagues,

The eNTERFACE workshops are unique events that have started with the FP6 
project SIMILAR. However this workshop has already transcended any one 
project  and we hope to establish it as a permanent modality of 
cooperation and interaction between young researchers and senior leaders.

There is little time left for submitting and finalizing project 
descriptions. We invite you all to visit our web page, 
http://www.enterface.net/enterface07 , to check out the current projects 
under “_Call For Projects_” link, and we urge you, if you have not done 
so far, to submit your proposals. We request also the people who have 
submitted their proposals in brief format before, to develop it further  
into  a full-fledged  project description.

_W__e would appreciate if you could specify in your proposal the Goal, 
the Workpackages, and the Deliverables. A sample  project proposal is 
included below just to give an idea about the format. _

Note that these workshops incorporate project teams formed by PhD 
candidates, some junior researchers at the MSc or even BSc level and a 
number of senior project advisors. The project teams are grouped 
according to their expertise, their research interests, and they 
participate to the research and development activity for one entire 
month. The project activities typically range from data collection to 
software development, from analysis to proof-of-concept models.

The SIMILAR workshop  eNTERFACE'07 will take place in *Istanbul* at the 
premises of the *Bogazici University* campus during 1_6 July to August 
10, 2007_. The participants will be able to make use of all the 
university facilities, e.g., dormitories, cafeterias and infrastructure. 
This is a nice opportunity to visit Istanbul, a major metropolis with 
its rich historical heritage, as well as the surrounding areas. In fact, 
several social actvities are being planned.  We estimate that the cost 
of accommodation and meals for one month will be less than 700 Euros.

__Best wishes,

Bulent + Lale + Levent + Burak + Murat

> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> *Sign Language Tutoring Tool*
> The main idea of this project is to develop a Sign Language Tutoring 
> Demonstrator. In a learning step, a video of a specific sign is 
> proposed to the user and in the practice step, the user is asked to 
> repeat the sign. An evaluation of produced gesture is given to the 
> learner. The specificity of Sign Language is that the whole message is 
> contained not only in hand gestures and shapes but also in facial 
> expressions and head/shoulder motion. As a consequence, the language 
> is intrinsically multimodal. The basic components of a sign gesture, 
> as indicated by the sign linguists, are the hand shape, hand 
> orientation, location, and movement. However, a complete sign language 
> analysis shows that sign language utilizes both manual signs (hand 
> gestures) and non manual signs (such as facial expressions, head 
> movements and body posture).
> Some systems of Sign Language recognition have been proposed but most 
> of them concentrate on hand gesture analysis only. A preliminary 
> version of the tutor we propose to develop, demonstrated at EUSIPCO, 
> uses only hand trajectory based gesture recognition. In this project, 
> we aim at developing a tutoring system able to cope with the three 
> sources of information (hand gestures, facial expressions and head 
> motion). In a second step, we would like to be able to show the 
> feasibility of Sign Language Recognition system which fuses the data 
> coming from the three sources of information.
> * Goal*
> The majority of the existing sign language based systems only focus on 
> the problem of hand gesture analysis and recognition. The main goal of 
> our project is the development of a real time sign language tutoring 
> tool related to a limited number of well defined gestures which 
> associate hand gestures AND head motion AND facial expressions. This 
> will exhibit the feasibility of such a system which requires the 
> fusion of three sources of information.
> * Workpackages*
>     * Definition of the Sign database (learning and video acquisitions)
>     * Hand trajectory analysis
>     * Hand shape analysis
>     * Facial expression analysis
>     * Head and shoulders motion analysis
>     * Data fusion
>     * Demonstrator: integration, implementation and tests
> * Deliverables*
>     * Prototype
>     * Report
> * Background*
>     * O. Aran, C. Keskin, L. Akarun, ?Sign Language Tutoring Tool?,
>       European Signal Processing Conference, EUSIPCO Demonstration
>       Session, Antalya, September 2005.
>     * Benoit, A. Caplier - Biological Approach for Head Detection and
>       Analysis - EUSIPCO2005, Antalya, Turkey, September 2005.


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