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Matteo Risoldi Matteo.Risoldi at cui.unige.ch
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         Principles and Practices of Programming in Java (PPPJ 2007)
         5th-7th September 2007
         Monte de Caparica - Lisbon, Portugal.

The International Conference on Principles and Practices of  
Programming In Java (PPPJ 2007) seeks to draw together researchers,  
teachers, practitioners, and programmers who study or work with the  
Java programming Language to discuss the principles and practice of  
its use in a friendly and convivial academic environment.

PPPJ 2007 is organized by the Departamento de Informática at the  
Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia of Universidade Nova de Lisboa and  
it is a cooperation with ACM SIGAPP, ACM SIGPLAN and Elsevier.

The PPPJ 2007 organising committee is soliciting proposals for workshops
and tutorial sessions to be held in conjunction with main programme.

The purpose of PPPJ workshops and tutorials is to discuss emerging  
aspects of
Java programming with students, researchers and practitioners.
The aims of the sessions are to develop understanding, to exchange  
to build research communities and to help to characterise the
direction of future developments.
The possible subjects to focus on include (non exhaustively) the  

     * Optimization
     * VM Design
     * Java Verification
     * Aspect-Orientation
     * Java-specific metrics
     * Software Engineering with Java
     * Program Design and Implementation
     * Design Patterns through Java
     * Testing of Java Programs
     * Performance of Java Programs
     * Tools for Java Programming
     * Java-based MDD/MDA
     * Prototype generation in Java		
     * Applications in science, engineering, and business
     * Novel Applications of Java
     * Domain-specific Frameworks
     * Java-based Tools
     * Java-based Enterprise Computing
     * Mobile Java
     * Practice and experience
     * Java and Financial Services
     * Java and the Manufacturing Industry
     * Teaching Java Programming
     * Teleteaching Applications
     * Teaching Methods

Workshop and tutorial sessions will be held during one half-day of  
the conference.
Tutorials should last 1,5 to 2 hours, workshops should last 2 to 4  
hours. Workshop sessions may include a submission
and review process of short papers (max 4 pages), and should include  
a discussion session.
Tutorials should focus on a particular technique, software or  
Workshop papers will be published with the conference proceedings.

Workshop and tutorial proposals should be no longer than four pages,
should describe the background and focus of the workshop, the background
of the workshop organising committee and the estimated number of
participants. Proposals should also include a draft Call for Papers.

The organisers of PPPJ 2007 will provide a meeting room and it is
currently intended to publish workshop proceedings along with the PPPJ
proceedings in the ACM International Conference Proceedings series.
All other issues related to proposed workshops will have to be planned
and organised by the workshop organising committee.

Workshop proposals should be sent by email to:
pppj-workshops2007 at cui.unige.ch


	* Deadline for workshop proposals: 9 March 2007
	* Notification of accepted workshops: 24 March 2007

Then, for each accepted workshop, a call for papers should be  
organized respecting the following deadlines:

	* Paper submission: 15 June 2007
	* Review notification: 6 July 2007
	* Camera-ready copies: 13 July 2007

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